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Part of the college experience is learning who you are, how you fit in the world and how far you can go. At Moreno Valley College, our learning and support communities make each other stronger, which makes us all stronger. From cultural to experiential to life stage — there is a program designed to help and support you on your journey.

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The ACES program offers qualifying students a strong academic support system and learning community that will assist them in mastering their college transitions.
CalWORKs helps you achieve self-sufficiency through employment and education with counseling, employment assistance, resource referrals, and intensive joint case management with the County Welfare to Work program.
Every student deserves equal access to their college experience. Disability Support Services provides reasonable accommodation to help enrolled students with unique challenges meet their desire for knowledge and dreams of success.
EOPS, CARE and NextUp are state-funded programs designed to go the extra mile for educationally and economically disadvantaged students who will benefit from continual personalized help over the course of their college careers.
The Promise Initiative provides no-cost tuition to assist first-year students with the cost of college. Additional support for first-time college students taking 12 units include tailored services to ensure their academic success.
The Honors Program is a learning community that encourages students to expand personal and academic horizons with smaller, more challenging classes, research opportunities and transfer partnerships.
The Middle College program allows high school juniors and seniors to complete their last two years of schooling at MVC, to earn both their high school diploma and an associate degree or certificate.
Young scholars can find assistance for their academic pursuits. We’re committed to foster families in our community, providing special programs dedicated to serving and supporting the unique needs of foster youth and foster parents. 
Remove barriers to higher education by empowering members to develop leadership skills, awareness, cultural pride and identity. Puente is guidance and academic rigor helps students transfer to a four-year college or university program.
MVC is proud to provide federal TRIO programs, with an outreach and student service focus designed to identify and deliver services for individuals from disadvantaged backgrounds to help them prepare for and graduate from college.
The African/African American/Black community is rich in history, empowerment and possibilities…the kind that need to be explored and elevated. Umoja exists to foster community, positive self-identity and encourage proud interaction. 
MVC is focused on empowering veterans with access to the support and resources they need to succeed on campus — including a vibrant veterans community of student, faculty and staff who are proof we’re moving in the right direction.  
The MVC campus is a safe space dedicated to learning first and foremost — you have the right to an education, without threat or fear, and may qualify for financial aid as part of the the California Dream Act if you meet the criteria. 
MVC's Pride Center offers assistance to help individuals learn about sexual orientation and gender identity issues. The Pride Center strives to advance and foster a safe environment conducive to learning, self-expression and happiness.
Each Year MVC welcomes students from around the world to join our family. Our Southern California campus is diverse, energetic, comfortable, welcoming and safe — a perfect environment for learning and expanding your world view. 

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What to see if you qualify for a specific program? Visit their program page. Otherwise, you can get assistance with general tasks from Student Services through one of our virtual lobbies or visit the Welcome Center in-person.

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MVC Health and Wellness

Support for the Mind and Body

Our campus offers students ready access to health and wellness services/education. Confidential checkups, immunizations, low-cost prescriptions, crisis intervention and counseling just some of the services we offer to MVC students to maintain their wellbeing and encourage college success.

Health and Wellness

Affordable and Focused Education

Financial Aid, Employment and Career Preparation Resources

Education should be attainable and have a clear goal. While MVC tries to maintain affordable tuition fees, let us help you find ways to help you pay for your school experience. From connecting you to financial aid to helping explore career paths to locating part-time work to help make ends meet, our support team is ready to assist.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Special programs are initiatives to help students and encourage our community. While some are available to all students, like student health services, others are specific to individual groups of students with identified needs that can be addressed.

Learn more about each program to find out how it specifically helps. Most special programs are focused on helping with education by providing financial, study, guidance or other forms of support. Other special programs offer an avenue for individuals to “find their tribe”, share ideas, identity and celebrate what makes them unique.

The first step is always ask questions and learn about the program/group. Each has a dedicated webpage on the MVC website that you can review, you can attend a meeting or workshop (if offered) or reach out by email, phone or in-person. How involved you get after that is up to you!