Moreno Valley College's degree programs are divided into 6 academic schools, designed to provide well-rounded education and support services.

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MVC uses ConexEd, a platform that allows students and success teams to connect, chat, make appointments, and more. All virtual drop-in assistance is conducted through ConexEd.

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Your chosen program of study defines which school you belong to. Your school and its engagement center provide you the advising and support to help you succeed in your college career. Not sure which school you're part of but need to meet a counselor? You can make an appointment with any school engagement center, or access your engagement center's resources on Canvas.

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Need help planning your academic career? Have questions or want to figure out if you have everything you need to graduate or transfer? Your school has an engagement center and success team available to help you access resources, plan, graduate and transfer.

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The School of Business, Health and Human Services offers high quality education in business administration, marketing, dental hygiene and dental assisting, kinesiology, human services and social work.

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The School of Communication, English and World Languages supports language acquisition, written and oral communication, and the development of literacy skills in communication studies, interpretation, English and Spanish.

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The School of Humanities, Education, Social Sciences and Behavioral Sciences offers students an opportunity to study the complex social issues affecting them. Areas of focus include anthropology, early childhood education, history, philosophy, political science, psychology and sociology.

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As one of the largest public safety training centers in Southern California, the School of Public Safety prepares hundreds of students to work as law enforcement officers, firefighters, paramedics, emergency medical technicians, correctional officers, dispatchers, probation officers, crime analysts, and specialists in emergency management and homeland security. MVC's School of Public Safety is located at the Ben Clark Training Center.

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The School of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) at Moreno Valley College offers innovative courses in mathematics, natural sciences, computer programming and computer applications. If you want to focus in biology, computer science, mathematics, natural sciences and video game design, the school of STEM may be for you.

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The School of Visual and Performing Arts encourages and supports visual and performance artists in the development of their creative visions for producing and practicing art in fields including traditional and digital art as well as music.

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Choosing a program of study can be daunting. No matter where you are on your college journey, Moreno Valley College students can make an appointment with and get assistance from ANY school or engagement center, even if you decide programs in that school aren't for you. Simply reach out and we will help guide you to the program that makes sense for you and your interests.

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