Access EduNav through MyPortal

EduNav can no longer be accessed directly. You must log into MyPortal or WebAdvisor and choose the link that takes you to your course registration. This will launch EduNav with your student plan and opt-in/out information loaded.

If you are not able to load EduNav from either service, please reach out to the Student Helpdesk.

Send in Website Corrections, Concerns and Feedback

If you've encountered an issue that makes navigating the MVC website difficult, please report it so we can fix the problem. This form should be used for things like broken links, typos, missing pages or images, and anything that impacts the usability of MVC.EDU.

  • Is it really a website issue? Assistance with MyPortal, WebAdvisor, EduNav and your RCCD email is not offered through this form.
  • Want to provide feedback on the website or a specific page? Feel free. Simply choose the "Website Feedback" option. We take your opinions and needs seriously!
  • Correction timeline: Emergency corrections are made next business day. Non-emergency corrections and fixes are typically made within 2-3 business days.
  • If you need to send an attachment, please reach out to MVC's web team via an email to instead.