MVC's Audio Visual group, part of Technology Support Services, assists employees with any and all audio/visual needs concerning equipment, training, and services in the classroom, office or at College events.

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If you are in need of A/V equipment and/or assistance, submit a request through the ServiceDesk or contact us by email or phone.

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Standard Equipment

All classrooms, conference, and meetings rooms at MVC have the following equipment on a permanent basis at each location. There is no need to request any of the items below for any events or classes. In case technical support is needed, you may contact us. 

  • Projection (white) screen
  • LCD Projector
  • Computer
  • Document Camera
  • Audio (sound)

Video and Tele-Conferencing


Video conference units are available in select meeting and classrooms. Classroom availability must be verified prior in 25Live.

  • Library 205 (meeting room)
  • SAS 101 (meeting room)
  • SAS 103 (classroom)
  • SAS 303 (meeting room)

To schedule a video conference meeting, which offers both video and audio, a room must be secured through 25Live. Once a room has been secured, follow these steps:

  1. Contact Stephen Ashby via email or at (951) 222-8883 to request a video conference service. Provide the following:
    • Name of the party you will be conferencing with
    • Contact name
    • Phone number
    • Address
    • Conference technician's name and phone number
    • Video dial-up numbers
    • Date and time of event
    • Event duration
  2. MVC TSS will be notified once your event has been confirmed and we will connect the system the day of the event

To schedule a teleconference meeting, which is audio only, secure a room through 25Live. Once you have reserved a room, submit a request to TSS to setup the teleconference equipment through ServiceDesk.

Zoom is an online meeting service with high quality video and audio, desktop screen sharing, whiteboard with annotations, waiting and breakout rooms, and more. Zoom supports all operating systems and browsers, including mobile devices, and works with Canvas, making it easy for instructors and students to participate live or to watch recordings. Zoom meetings allow for up to 300 attendees.

Minimum usage requirements include a computer or device with internet access, as well as speakers and a microphone, or a phone. For video, Technology Support Services has limited amounts of web cameras available for checkout through ServiceDesk.

Sign Up

Employees must sign up for Zoom prior to using the service. Students do not need to create an account, though they are encouraged to. Use your employee or student email address at all times.

  1. Go to the RCCD Zoom website
  2. Click on Sign In to configure your account
  3. Fill out the form and make sure to enter "Moreno Valley College" on the Organization field
  4. You can now login by clicking on the Sign In link


For questions or issues, contact Zoom Technical Support or watch tutorials the Zoom Video Tutorials to learn how to use the system.

If you are not getting all the features from Zoom, you probably have a basic or personal account that is unaffiliated with RCCD's Zoom network. You need an Education type account that is part of the RCCD organization. You might need to delete your account if the account is associated with your student and/or employee email, and re-create it following the steps above.

Webinars are the best way to host professional web events, conferences, and presentations. Zoom webinars allow you to connect with large audiences, share video, audio and content. In a Zoom webinar, you have added security in that only panelists, hosts and co-hosts can share video, audio and information. Compared to a Zoom meeting, most webinars do not allow attendees to interact with each other.

At MVC, webinar access is not granted to employee Zoom accounts. To host a webinar, you must submit your request to to have an event set up. You may have up to 500 attendees. Once your webinar is set up, support can be provided during the event by the MVC audio visual team. When requesting a webinar, include the following information:

  1. Event information
    • Name of the event
    • Date, time and length
    • Description
    • Will you have captioning or interpreting?
    • Post-event survey (optional)
  2. Panelist and Host information
    • Emails of co-hosts (should be a technically savvy person familiar with Zoom)
    • Emails and names of panelists (anyone that will be presenting or should have video/audio access, such as ASL interpreters)
  3. Registration, Security and Recording
    • Do you need any custom questions on your registration form aside from name and email?
    • Will you need the event recorded?
    • Do you want to limit the number of attendees, close the event to registration once it starts, or allow registration after the event for on-demand recording access?
    • Will you need a practice session/practice webinar to prepare?

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MVC's audio visual team is here to assist with your classroom technology needs.

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