Your experience matters. MVC strives to create an equitable campus. Join us in learning, growing and supporting our campus, students, employees and community.

You Belong at MVC

The Common Ground Center embodies Moreno Valley College's initiative to urge our community to examine and actively work to dismantle beliefs and structures that foster environments of inequity and racism. Our goal is to listen and support our students, employees and communities of color through anti-racism practices, open discussion and culturally relevant education.

Systems of Support

We welcome students of all backgrounds. In need of support? Explore these student resources. Want to learn and grow? Resources are available.
Diverse individuals hold hands to create a human chain
Uplifting communities of color
Education is at the center of equity. Understanding and listening to the experiences of those who experience discrimination in their daily life is a key principle to building safe, welcoming communities and evolving as individuals. Join MVC in expanding our understanding of equity and uplifting the voices of people of color.
LGBTQIA+ individuals celebrate at a Pride event
We're allies to LGBTQIA+ individuals

At Moreno Valley College, we promise to work to safeguard your right to a safe and welcoming campus by being allies, providing inclusive environments, learning and educating ourselves and our community, and helping LGBTQIA students realize their dreams.

A protester holds up a sign stating Dreamers are American in rainbow lettering
You have a home at MVC

MVC provides undocumented students with a variety of resources. We also partner with a local legal center to provide undocumented students with free legal advice, workshops, and support, particularly regarding DACA and the CA Dream Act.

Volunteers pack boxes of food and clothing
Helping MVC Lions thrive

Basic Needs include food, clothing, housing, and financial resources, and summarizes the essential elements that students need to thrive. Providing access to these needs serves to support student success and well-being.

Two people comfort each other
Seeing to our students' physical and mental needs

At MVC, we try to help address all dimensions of wellness, including physical, intellectual, emotional, social, spiritual, environmental, occupational and financial. 

A nursing infant drinks from a baby bottle
A quiet, private space for nursing persons

MVC provides students and employees that are breastfeeding or lactating with a quiet, private space with access to outlets, seating, a refrigerator and sink.

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