The Future Needs a Roadmap

Moreno Valley College uses strategic planning to develop a roadmap to the future. From facility usage to determining educational programing that best serves the need of the community, long-term planning ensures financial stewardship, equity and inclusivity, and the promotion of lifelong learning.

Actionable Goals and Objectives to Drive MVC

The comprehensive master plan and integrated strategic plan make up MVC's primary roadmaps for actionable long and short-term goals.
Long-term College Plan
The 2019-30 Comprehensive Master Plan articulates the long-term vision of the College and facilities. The plan supports the school-based Guided Pathways framework; the crafting of strong principles and a structure to inform critical decision-making in the future; and provide a short- and long-term implementation plan.
Mid-term College Plan

The Integrated Strategic Plan provides mid-term actionable goals and objectives to help the College reach goals and objectives established by the comprehensive master plan. This plan integrates the goals, objectives and strategies from operational planning documents with actionable data and planning initiatives at the District and state levels.

Mid-term College Plan

The Student Equity Plan is focused on boosting the achievement and closing equity gaps for disproportionately impacted students by identifying success indicators such as enrollment, completion of transfer-level math and English, term to term persistence, completion, and successful transfer. It is informed by the Integrated Strategic Plan and Guided Pathways Plan.

District and College Plan

In continuing the efforts to be a responsible partner and steward for managing its resources and being an environmentally responsible institution, RCCD is embarking on a comprehensive Sustainability and Climate Action Plan.

Short-term College Plan

The Strategic Enrollment Management Plan is a guide to help the College achieve its enrollment goals.

Expanding Moreno Valley College

Moreno Valley College continually expands and improves campus facilities and grounds to meet the needs of students. Through high quality, functional and aesthetically pleasing spaces students can learn, and community members can engage.

Capital Outlay and Construction

Welcome Center
Moreno Valley College's Welcome Center serves as the campus front door and hub for student services and student engagement.
School of Public Safety Building front entrance

The School of Public Safety Building serves as classroom and administration space to further student engagement and learning at MVC's public safety-oriented education center.

Shared Governance

Overseeing MVC's Planning Processes

Moreno Valley College's strategic planning processes are guided by members of faculty, staff, students, administrators on the Strategic Planning Council, Student Success and Equity Committee, Academic Senate and subcommittees.

MVC Committees


College leadership welcomes student, employees and community members feedback and ideas when it comes to the program regular review process, ensuring accountable and the overall success of the institution. You're welcome to attend committee meetings, review our campus plans, and speak to college leadership. Your voice matters!

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