The student code of conduct helps promote a safe and welcoming environment for all students. Know your rights as a student and how to report issues and concerns.

Student Code of Conduct

Moreno Valley College works to ensure a safe, welcoming, and productive learning environment. As such, MVC has a student code of conduct as well as methods of reporting concerns or misconduct for both students and college employees.

Standards of Student Conduct (pdf) Student Complaints Employee Resources

Crisis Intervention

If you need immediate support or assistance, please contact the Student Assessment, Facilitation and Evaluation (SAFE) team. SAFE offers crisis intervention services and support for individual students.

About Crisis Intervention

Student Complaints

Student concerns are important to us. MVC strives to facilitate open communication and accountability. If an informal resolution is not satisfactory, a current or potential student or group of students may submit a complaint/grievance if they reasonably believe they have been subject to unjust action, denied rights as a student, or discriminated against by a college office or employee. Grievances can range from issues with fellow students to issues with employees, grading, and more. The Dean of Student Development and Wellness will contact you within a few business days of receiving the report.

Student Complaint Form  

Report Students of Concern

Complete the Student of Concern report form if you've had an incident with or have concerns about another student for issues such as academic dishonesty, concerning behaviors, or conduct. This form is not meant to address emergencies. A report may not necessarily require disciplinary action, but any incident or conduct violation should be reported to determine whether action is warranted. This form is for both student and employee use.

Student of Concern Report

Grade, Registration and Financial Aid Appeals

Academic waivers, extenuating circumstances petitions, and appeals regarding financial aid grants, registration dates and more can be accessed online.

Academic and aid appeal options and forms

Discrimination Complaints

Students who wish to file a discrimination or sexual assault or harassment complaint may do so by reaching out to the Title IX Coordinator and their campus Title IX representative, led by Riverside Community College District’s Diversity and Human Resources division.

Report Sexual Assault or Harassment

Students who wish to file a sexual harassment complaint or report sexual assault may contact the Title IX Coordinator and their campus Title IX representative, the RCCD Safety and Police department, or Student Health and Psychological Services. Students may also contact the local police or call 911 for any emergencies.

Moreno Valley College takes these issues seriously. Due to the sensitive and timely nature of these incidents, we encourage early reporting. Reporting incidents is not mandatory, and while reporting does not require you to pursue legal action, it may provide you with greater legal protections should you eventually wish to. You may always seek advice without filing a complaint, but delaying a report may affect your legal rights.

Our Policies

Moreno Valley College and the Riverside Community College District are committed to diversity, equity and fairness. We do our best to promote a culture of care to ensure all campus and community members feel heard and valued. Harassment of any employee/student is strictly prohibited. 

For Employees

Faculty, classified staff, and managers can report violations of the Standards of Student Conduct when students are disruptive or violate the Student Code of Conduct. A report may not necessarily require disciplinary action, but any incident of a violation should be reported to determine whether a student's violations warrant action.

Learn more about filing a student misconduct report

Other Reporting Options

If you cannot resolve an issue at the campus level, you have alternative avenues to submit grievances and complaints.