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The Associated Students of Moreno Valley College (ASMVC) are dedicated to providing all students with opportunities to develop leadership skills through participation in student government, campus clubs and organizations and co-curricular programs. We offer a number of ways to become involved on campus and in the community.

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Make a Difference by Joining ASMVC

Are you interested in serving as a voice and an advocate for students at Moreno Valley College, working to address issues on campus, and plan virtual events and activities for the student body? ASMVC connects MVC's student body through events, activities, relief and fundraising efforts and by creating a supportive and engaged environment. Our student community is more important than ever and we invite you to be part of making these events happen by becoming an ASMVC representative.

Getting involved with ASMVC is simple: you simply need to apply.

Why get involved?

  • Meet new people, create life-long friendships, and create new experiences
  • Learn a number of leadership skills that will benefit them in the future
  • Make your transcripts more compelling and set yourself apart from general applications when transferring
  • Early registration for student government officers

Eligibility Requirements

  1. A 2.0 overall GPA
  2. Currently holding 6 units or more at MVC
  3. A great attitude and a willingness to get involved!

Student Events


Tranquility Tuesday

12:00 PM - 01:00 PM
Moreno Valley College (MVC)

Walk and Talk Wednesday

12:00 PM - 01:00 PM
Moreno Valley College (MVC)

Branches of Student Government

Your voice matters and you have the ability to make an impact on your community, better the college experiences of yourself and your friends, and because student leadership shapes Moreno Valley College into an institution where everyone counts.

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Reach out to the Student Activities office to get in touch regarding student benefits, student government, clubs, activities, and more.

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    Frankie Moore
    Coordinator, Student Activities
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    Veronica Horton
    Clerk, Student Activities

Student Resources


Posterboards are for approved flyers only. Check with the Student Activities office for approval of all flyers postsed on campus. When seeking approval, bring 13 copies of your flyer - 12 for posting and 1 for our records.

Building/Location Posterboard Locations Number of Boards
Humanities Building Hallway, one per floor 3
Library Building Hallway, first floor 2
Science & Technology Building Hallway, first-floor 2
Science & Technology Building Hallway, second floor 1
Student Academic Services Building Hallway, second and third floor 2
Student Activities Center By front desk 1
Student Services Building Hallway, first floor 1


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