Moreno Valley College’s long-term planning ensures a mindful exploration on how funds are used, ensuring equity and inclusivity, and the development of lifelong learning goals.

Actionable Goals and Objectives to Drive MVC

Moreno Valley College's Integrated Strategic Plan is a flexible living document, providing midterm actionable goals and objectives to help staff reach the long-term goals and objectives set forth in the comprehensive master plan. The Integrated Strategic Plan integrates goals, objectives and strategies from operational planning documents with actionable data and planning initiatives at the District and state levels.

2022-25 Integrated Strategic Plan (pdf) Mission, Vision and Values Archive

Annual Report and Update

Moreno Valley College is committed to evaluating and analyzing its progress toward addressing the 26 strategic objectives, goals and initiatives. The annual report provides a large-scale overview of how the College is meeting objectives and reporting on recommendations to address ongoing issues.

Annual Report and Factbook Office of Institutional Effectiveness

Making Decisions with Students in Mind

Each step Moreno Valley College takes is to make the lives – and futures – of students rewarding. Institutional choices, strategy and philosophy align with strategic goals and inform on the leadership’s decision-making decisions when it comes to student academic and career goals.
  1. Increase training, professional learning, and dialogue amongst all constituents that includes both in-classroom and out-of-classroom experiences to holistically understand the student experience, with a specific focus on racial equity and social justice. [Train - Align Supports with Expectations]
  2. Build capacity to guide, teach, and train campus constituents around how to engage in that explicitly address issues of equity, race, culture, identity, and other forms of social difference, where we can learn together. [Learn - Challenges with Campus Dialogue]
  3. Evaluate, change, and implement necessary policies, practices, and procedures to close all equity gaps. [Act & Facilitate - Race and Racial Equity]
  1. Clarify the Path: Increase the number of students that apply and enroll to Moreno Valley College. [Access & Equity]
  2. Enter the Path: Increase the number of students that attempt and successfully complete transfer level English and math in their first year and at least 9 units in their course of study. [Access & Equity]
  3. Stay on the Path: Increase the number of students that persist from fall-to-spring and fall- to-fall semesters, while successfully completing 24 units in their first year. [Success & Equity]
  4. Ensure Learning: Increase the number of students receiving their educational goal (certificate, degree, or transferring) in 2, 4, and 6 years, with a job in a closely related field. [Success & Equity]
  1. Expand partnerships with educational partners, K-12 and higher education, to increase access, pathways, and success for students.
  2. Expand partnerships with community partners, including municipalities and businesses, to increase access, pathways, and success for students.
  3. Provide programs that contribute to the regional economy and meet industry, community, and workforce development needs.
  1. Maintain sustainable budget practices that result in a balanced annual budget and a reserve that is at least 1% of the Moreno Valley College overall fund budget.
  2. Increase external revenue sources to 30% of overall budget ensuring funding available to support student access, success, and equity.
  3. Practice sustainable fiscal health and strategic enrollment management by reaching 595 (WSCH/FTEF).
  4. Improve Institutional Effectiveness by conducting annual assessments and to set meaningful measures for a)planning, b)resource allocation, c) governance processes, d) campus climate (including student and employee surveys), and e) data access and usage.
  5. Recruit and hire an excellent classified professionals, faculty, and management in support of the College mission, while reflecting the community we serve.

Planning Priorities for 2024-25

According to the 2024-25 planning recommendations and priorities, the Institutional Effectiveness and Governance Committee will create 4 workgroups per pillar for 2024-25 to start, complete, and evaluate planning processes and progress. The workgroups will consist of cross functional teams with expertise in clarify, enter, stay, and ensure the student experience with a specific focus of a culture of care.

4 in 10 students that apply to Moreno Valley College enroll

  • Create a culture of care
  • Communication plan (inward and outward) - highlight student successes (e.g. transfer stories, semester successes, high school journey)
  • Elevate student voices
  • Recommended Goal: Increase by 10 percentage points from 40% to 50% students that apply then enroll (1,529 more students

3 in 10 first-time students attempt English and math in first year and 1 in 10 first-time students successfully complete English and math in the first year

  • Introduce to a culture of care (Ensure students feel supported and have their person)
  • Focus on pathways from high school to college (complete English and math before they enter college. Dual enrollment, concurrent enrollment, and summer bridge)
  • Create advising sessions and/or highlight the various resources and how we they can be successful in college
  • Recommended Goal: Increase by 10 percentage points from 10% to 20% and 30% to 40% for first time students that attempt and successfully complete English and math in the first year (90 more students).

5 in 10 students that are enrolled in fall enroll in spring and 7 in 10 students successfully complete their classes

  • Sustain a culture of care (deepen student engagement, scale student activities program, create a shared responsibility for student's education, student to student support, time management, and wellness)
  • Communicate and ensure college wide marketing on happenings on campus.
  • Continue and ongoing registration events ensure college wide awareness.
  • Recommended Goal: Increase by 10 percentage points from 50% to 60% students enrolled in fall are enrolled in following spring (787 more students). Increase by 10 percentage points from 70% to 80% course success rate (4,846 additional A, B, or C’s out of all grades).

1 in 10 students successfully complete their educational goal in 2 years

  • Incorporate into marketing plan that entire student journey from high school to completion.
  • Evaluate and change policies and assessment to ensure student centered (review and implement student equity recommendations)
  • Ensure a culture of care (wrap around services)
  • Recommended Goal: Increase by 10 percentage points from 10% to 20% students that complete their education goal in 2 years (90 more students)
  1. Create and distribute a student survey instrument specifically focused on implementing a guided pathways framework.
  2. Develop an evaluation plan using workgroups that will measure success of strategies and elevate student voice for next year’s planning cycle.

More Plans

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The 2019-30 Comprehensive Master Plan articulates the long-term vision of the College and facilities. The plan supports the school-based Guided Pathways framework; the crafting of strong principles and a structure to inform critical decision-making in the future; and provide a short- and long-term implementation plan.
In continuing the efforts to be a responsible partner and steward for managing its resources and being an environmentally responsible institution, RCCD is embarking on a comprehensive Sustainability and Climate Action Plan. This plan will be implemented District-wide.


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