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Wellness Activities

Daily Wellness Activities

Wellness events will run Monday through Thursday during summer term.

Join Student Health and Psychological Services for daily wellness activities. Each day has a different theme. Register for the link to join over Zoom; click on the days below to sign up for free.

Daily Wellness Events  Monday Motivation at 11 am  Tranquility Tuesday at 11 am
Wellness Wednesday at 11 am  Let's Talk Thursday at 3 pm

  • Motivation Monday at 11 am: Motivational Monday provides students with practical student success tools to manage stress, test anxiety, time management and more. These student success webinars will help you through your college experience and in life.
  • Tranquility Tuesday at 11 am: Tranquility Tuesday reinforces skills needed to manage feeling stress, anxiety and anger. Each week learn a wellness activity to help with rest and relaxation, learning ways to stay focused on your academics.
  • Wellness Wednesday at 11 am: Wellness Wednesday focuses on ways to enhance physical and mental health in order to be a successful college student.
  • Let's Talk Thursday at 3 pm: Join us in the virtual living room to engage with staff and students about life stressors and challenges. Create a support system with students and staff.