We seek to provide safe spaces

Student Health & Psychological Services partners with community organizations to host support groups and wellness activities. These free groups focus on providing skill-building opportunities, cultural support, and safe spaces to deal with stress, trauma and tough situations.
Two attendees to a support group comfort each other
Meet Challenges
These groups provide information and education about specific challenges while developing safe coping skills and problem-solving skills related to the challenge.
An African American man speaks to a group
Meet Like-Minded People

These groups provide an opportunity for people of the same group to build safe support while sharing personal experiences and feelings related to their culture and academics, as well as developing coping strategies.

A hispanic adult smiles during a support group session
Find Evidenced-Based Support

These are free, evidence-based groups open to the community, students, and student's family members that offer helpful advice and opportunities to meet with others in the same situation and build systems of support.