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For direct assistance, text or call (951) 723-7344 during normal business hours.

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Welcome to the Honors Program at Moreno Valley College.

The Riverside Community College District Honors Program coordinators and faculty are pleased to learn about your interest in striving for academic excellence. The Honors Program community is comprised of student scholars and faculty who share a passion for learning and the desire to expand their personal and academic horizons. Honors courses allow special contact with faculty, exploring academic subjects in more depth, and engaging in a variety of special intellectual challenges.

The Honors Program fosters intellectual exploration, creates environments requiring critical thinking, written and verbal communication skills to a university level, and cultivates student awareness and understanding of the diverse points of view necessary for a rich and productive intellectual environment. The Honors Program is an enthusiastic learning environment that benefits Honors students and faculty, as well as MVC and the greater community.


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Mission Statement

The primary goal of the Riverside Community College District Honors Program is to provide an educational experience that allows students to stretch themselves intellectually and to work actively with fellow students and faculty to cultivate an awareness and understanding of the diverse points of view necessary for a rich and productive intellectual environment. The Honors Program is committed to drawing a diverse group of students and faculty together, representative of our community as a whole, and providing learning opportunities and services to prepare students to be competitive in reaching their future goals.


Benefits to Students

The program will offer several benefits to students who successfully complete the honors classes/ the honors program:

  • Enriched educational experiences in the classroom (the classes will cap at 20 and be taught seminar-style). You'll be in a class that will more closely resemble the kinds of demands you'll face when you transfer to university, you'll be expected to participate in that class more fully--no hiding in the back, and you'll be in the room with other motivated students--so we can do more and in more depth and with more sophistication,
  • One-on-one mentoring and help from the honors coordinators and faculty in preparing applications for university admissions and scholarships
  • Workshops to help you prepare applications and essays for applications
  • The opportunity to participate in a student research conference where students get to present their own original work (Hosted by the Honors Transfer Council of California; the conferences are usually held in March at UC Irvine)


Honors Classes

Four key ingredients distinguish honors classes:

  • Smaller class size, which allows for a greater emphasis on critical thinking by insisting on active student participation in each class session (supported and made possible by limiting classes to 20 students)
  • an emphasis on requiring honors students to read primary texts and not simply textbook material
  • an emphasis on developing your writing and critical thinking skills through the assignment of at least 20 pages of formal graded written work - this will better prepare you for the demands of university level work
  • the encouragement of innovative teaching strategies to challenge honors students to go beyond rote learning and to discover creative or original solutions and conclusions


Contact Us

Phone Number:

(951) 571-6948


Humanities Building, Room 205B


The Honors Center is closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Online support is currently being offered.


Siobhan Feeney, Ph.D.


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