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Upward Bound is an interactive, intensive pre-college experience designed to prepare students from income-qualifying, first-generation backgrounds for college. First established nationally in 1964, Upward Bound is one of the national TRIO programs. In partnership with Moreno Valley Unified School District (MVUSD), MVC serves an annual cohort of 60 MVUSD high school students by providing pre-college experiences and activities.

MVC's Upward Bound has been serving students since 2017 and in 2022, received a five-year $1.488 million award.

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TRIO Upward Bound is a federally funded program.

Eligibility and Applying

Upward Bound provides applicants with interactive and intensive pre-college experiences. Eligibility requirements include:

  • Be a citizen or Permanent Resident of the United States
  • Attend Valley View High School as a freshman, sophomore or junior
  • Meet the U.S. Department of Education Income Guidelines for taxable income and household size (view income guidelines).
  • Be a potential first generation college graduate (i.e., neither natural/adoptive parent/legal guardian with whom the student is living has received a bachelor's degree at the time student is accepted)
  • Be able to demonstrate a "need" to be in the program (i.e., be able to benefit from participation)

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Upward Bound students at the University of Southern California

Upward Bound students at the University of Southern California, just one of the university tours that Upward Bound offers
Congressman Mark Takano with TRiO Director, Micki Grayson

Congressman Mark Takano with TRiO Director, Micki Grayson
Upward Bound students with Moreno Valley's Mayor Gutierrez

TRIO Director and UB/UBMS Assistant Director with Moreno Valley Mayor Gutierrez and City Councilmember Cabrera


Upward Bound accomplishes its mission by utilizing a multidimensional approach and by providing comprehensive services, including:

  • Tutoring, academic advising and professional and peer mentoring/networking
  • Field experiences to colleges/universities, laboratories, and professional facilities
  • Workshops for college and career awareness, family engagement, and financial literacy
  • Assistance with completing college, financial aid, scholarship, and internship applications
  • Saturday academy programs, six-week summer experience and senior summer bridge
  • Referrals to special research, leadership, and internship programs
  • College admission test preparation, as well as access to fee waivers for college applications and admission tests
  • Opportunities for concurrent enrollment and elective high school graduation credits

Program Highlights

Upward Bound seeks to give students a well-rounded and exciting introductory college experience. Events and program highlights include:

  • Cash for College Night
  • You Belong Career Series
  • mediGOAL Medical Career Exploration
  • Senior Bootcamp
  • Summer Bridge and Summer Academy
  • College and Career Tours
  • University Networking Events

Target Population

  • High school students from Valley View High School from income-qualifying, potentially first-generation backgrounds
  • Foster youth, disconnected youth, homeless/McKinney Vinto youth, English Language Learners
  • United States Citizen or Legal Residency

Contact Us

If you have questions about the Upward Bound program, contact your TRIO Upward Bound team by email, phone or by stopping by our office in Parkside Complex (PSC), Room 17.

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