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Access your email and the single sign-on portal

Employee and Student Email

Riverside Community College District students and employees are all assigned email addresses, which allows access to multiple services. You may log in through the Microsoft Office 365 website or RCCD's single sign-on portal.


Student Email

Student emails consist of your first initial, last name, and in some cases, a number: John Doe, All student email addresses end with the domain. Use your full email and password to login.


Email activation for new students

Your student email is created when you apply to be a Moreno Valley College student. When you receive your email information, you must log in for the first time using a temporary password that consists of your capitalized first initial, lowercase last initial, and 6-digit date of birth (MMDDYY). You will be prompted to create a secure password once you log in. Make sure to also set up your recovery email and multi-factor authentication.

Single sign-on portal

RCCD's Single Sign-on (SSO) allows you to use your student email and password for a variety of other services, including MyPortal, Canvas, EduNav, Microsoft Office, Adobe software, and more. You can log in and click on the icon of the service you wish to access. Access your single sign-on portal →

For additional instructions, learn how to sign into services like Canvas with your student email (video) →

Help for students

Need help? Utilize the student helpdesk. They can assist with account issues such as password resets and the inability to access certain services. You can get in touch with them via email or phone. Learn how to reach student student helpdesk →

Please note that Admissions & Records cannot reset your email password. To avoid needing to contact the student helpdesk in the event you forget your password, set up multi-factor authentication (which sends you a code when you try to log in via an authenticator app or SMS) and a recovery email.


Employee Email

Log in using your full email address. All employee emails end with,,, or


Lost Password/Password Reset

If you have set up a recovery email or two-factor authentication in Office 365, reset or change your password by following the lost password prompts. Else, students and employees may contact the helpdesk for lost password assistance.



Multi-factor authentication is available for all accounts, and required for all employee accounts. Authentication methods include an authenticator app or SMS/text.

Never send personal information, including passwords, social security numbers, or other important identifying information, over email. Please refrain from clicking links from unknown senders and report any phishing attempts to Always log out from the email system to protect access to your account.