Moreno Valley College and the Riverside Community College District is committed to paying student employees fairly. Pay rates are typically on a scale with the top and bottom range determined by the level and complexity of work a student is expected to complete. Pay rates are subject to change.

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July 1, 2023 - June 30, 2024

These pay rate ranges and descriptions are effective from July 1, 2023 to June 30, 2024. 
  • Pay range: $15.50 to $15.75 per hour
  • Description: Performs a variety of unskilled clerical &/or manual duties for a specific work area. Work is performed under close supervision. Work is assigned and student receives detailed instruction. No experience at all is required. Job details are learned from supervisor or classified staff members.
  • Examples of Assignments: Food Services worker, area attendant, laborer, ticket taker, usher, locker room attendant, general clerk, Copy Room Attendant, mail distributor, Art gallery attendant, file clerk, Lab Aide, Instructional Aide, DSS Aide, Student Clerk, IMC Aide, Journalism Aide, Circulation Aide, Library Aide, Student Ambassador, Health program Aide, Recital Assistant, Athletic Field Aide, Sports Program Aide, College Police Aides, Lifeguard I
  • Pay range: $16.00 to $16.75 per hour
  • Description: Performs a variety of clerical &/or manual related duties that are usually semi-skilled in nature and may require only limited skill, training or experience. Learns role on the job. Requires basic knowledge of administrative activities and procedures within work area. Exchanges information with co-workers, staff within the District and the community. May require completion of certain courses to qualify.
  • Examples of Assignments: Classroom Aide, Public Safety Program Aide, Tutor, Museum Aide, Stage Hands, Middle School Liaisons, Outreach Aides, Student Role Players for special programs, Clerical Assistants, College Police Assistants, Lifeguard II
  • Pay range: $17.00 to $17.75 per hour
  • Description: Performs a variety of skilled duties in support of administrative and academic projects. Performs clerical and manual duties that require some specialized skill level. Typically requires some experience related to the assignment or special education in the area of assignment. Requires knowledge of the District/College programs and services.
  • Examples of Assignments: Study Group Leader, Educational Assistant, Sports Program Coordinator, Specialized Tutors, group tutors, Computer Aides, light and sound technicians, Computer Network Assistants, Sports officials, Child program Aides, Automotive Assistants
  • Pay range: $18.00 to $18.75 per hour
  • Description: Performs a variety of duties requiring advanced knowledge of subject in support of administrative or academic projects or functions. Requires knowledge of how program/work unit function and fit into the District or College programs. Gathers, integrates and interprets information.
  • Examples of Assignments: Media Center delivery assistants, Special Student Program Assistant (Puente, Umoja), Lab Specialist, STEM Mentors, advanced tutors
  • Pay range: $19.00 to $19.75 per hour
  • Description: Performs a variety of complex duties in support of administrative and academic projects/functions. Requires more extensive experience and subject matter expertise to be successful. May do advanced and complex research for department assigned to. Developing and working with contacts outside of the work unit is common.
  • Examples of Assignments: Media Center Student Production Assistants, Media Center Student Technicians, Business Associates, Computer Specialist, Project Specialist


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