List of Inactive Student Clubs and Organizations

Student Clubs are designed to allow changes in student membership. However, clubs must renew their charter each semester if they want to remain active and eligible for funds. If you're interested in renewing an existing club or organization charter, contact the Student Activities office. If you're interested in founding a club, review the list of existing and inactive clubs to see if one may fit your needs.

The purpose of this organization shall be to encourage pride, foster knowledge and awareness about African American people, their history and their heritage while having fun getting to know each other.

The objective of this organization is to  foster, promote, maintain and recognize scholarship, and develop character and  leadership abilities among students at MVC.

The Art Club promotes the arts and cultural awareness on and off campus, and improves the aesthetic lives of Moreno Valley College students.

The purpose of the Dance Club is to spread  and promote the social and athletic benefits of dancing by providing  opportunities to learn, practice, and enjoy dance.

The Bowling Club provides an avenue for bowlers at Moreno Valley College to discuss, practice, and network for the success of individual bowlers and the college.

The MVC Chamber Choir perform a variety of music on campus and within the community. It is a multicultural group and all are welcome to join.

The purpose of the Chess Club is to compete, educate, and develop critical thinking skills through the game of chess as well as host tournaments, fundraisers, and other activities open to MVC students.


The purpose of Club Futuro is to inform and education the members of all the services provided to them through the campus and the surrounding community and to motivate the members to achieve their academic goals.


The Community Interpretation Club supports and helps students who would like to become interpreters, as well as contribute to the community.


The DCA educates and spreads awareness of difference cultures and their struggles to encourage better understating of each other.


The purpose of ECO Club shall be to spread  and put into practice information regarding practical ways of ensuring the  environmental security of our world and community through environmentally safe  practices.

The Fire Technology Club organizes annual alumni activities, funds scholarships, and fundraises for Fire Technology equipment.

The purpose of the FRIENDS Club is to  provide avenues of support and networking skills to foster care emancipated  students and youth of Moreno Valley while serving the community through college  sponsored events.

The MVC Gospel Singers perform a variety of gospel music on campus and within the community. It is a multicultural group and all are welcome to join our “Family of Faith!”


LGBTSA is a club that seeks to promote  campus awareness, tolerance and solidarity to foster a safe and judgment-free  learning environment through cultural diversity and activities for all  students, faculty and staff regardless of sexual orientation or gender  identification.

The purpose of MCHS is to give its students a sense of belonging and help make the most of the MCHS program.

Designed to encourage social networking  amongst faculty, staff, and students while focusing on probability, statistics,  and psychology not only in the game of poker but in life in general.  Participation is not limited to players but anyone interested in learning.

The MSA is to educate the student  population about Islam and to engage in interfaith discussions with other  religious clubs and organizations; to create a moral support system to help  students see through college than to lose track from educational goals in  creating an atmosphere to ease mental pressure and motivate to prosper as  students.

The purpose of this club is to provide a  forum for discussing life’s big questions in the context of philosophy and  ethics. Established to maintain an open environment for everyone to explore  their own as well as other points of view.


The Pride Alliance is a club that seeks to promote campus awareness, tolerance and solidarity to foster a safe and judgment-free  learning environment through cultural diversity and activities for all students, faculty and staff regardless of sexual orientation or gender identification.

The purpose of this club is to play the game of soccer for recreation and fitness, help members be part of a team and  learn the value of team work and allowing students to build relationships and  network through a common interest.


The Spanish Club promotes awareness and appreciation of the values and traditions of MVC, the Riverside Community College District and the Hispanic culture and traditions.

Designed to expose the student body to the art of poetry and self-expression. The group sponsors activities where participants can share their creativity.

The STEM Club provides a networking body of students offering peer support within the academics of STEM (Science, Technology, and Math) study and to embark on a career exploration and any relative educational opportunities while organizing efforts for enrichment within the aforementioned field.

Student for Animal Warfare (SAW) spreads and implements information regarding practical ways of ensuring humane treatment of animals in our society.

This  club promotes sharing the message of Christ with fellow students, and provides  a place where Christians may gather in His name.

Student  for Organ Donation (SOD) promotes post-mortem organ and tissue donation on  campus and in the surrounding community by educating individuals about the  issue encouraging individuals to register as organ donors, and give them the  means with which to register.


The Teachers Club raises awareness within our community of the ways that using developmental knowledge promotes learning for all age groups.

The Veterans Club provides a social group to help veterans adjust in their transition to civilian life and become successful college students. It also promotes integration between veterans and civilians, creating fellowship, camaraderie and college spirit.

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