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The MVC CalWORKS office is available to help you in-person or online. To stay in touch with us, check your student email and the CalWORKS website regularly.

You may contact us by phone at (951) 571-6154 or leave us an email, or hop into our virtual Zoom office (meeting ID: 950 6516 8618, connect via phone: (669) 900-6833).

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Maintain CalWORKs Eligibility


Fill out the necessary forms and prepare a digital copy of your class schedule. Attach the class schedule document along with the completed forms from our website and send to Your attendance forms will then be sent via email to your Welfare to Work office.

Online courses are academically equivalent to on-campus courses and require the same number of hours in attendance per week. If you need a completed Online Study Form form, email Include your full name and student ID number.

Gain Forms:

Do not add your schedule as photo pasted inside of your email. We are unable to obtain your document this way.

Printing your schedule from MyPortal:

  1. Open your schedule in MyPortal
  2. Go to Registration
  3. Right click to Print
  4. To save a copy, change to "Print to PDF"

Printing your schedule from WebAdvisor:

  1. Open your schedule in WebAdvisor
  2. Go to Print option
  3. Change to PDF and Save a Copy
  4. Click Print

CalWORKs students must provide valid proof that you receive cash aid FOR YOURSELF each semester to receive attendance verification, student educational plans (SEP), priority registration, referrals to work study, assistance with books, counseling appointments and all other services.

Proof of Cash Aid must be submitted each semester and must be dated or stamped with the County timestamp within the semester you are verifying.

The following are examples of valid (acceptable) documentation:

  • Welfare to Work Plan (formerly a GAIN contract)
  • Letter from GAIN worker
  • Notice of Action (NOA) stating your name and the type of aid received (CalWORKs Student, Cash Aid/Medical)
  • Passport to Services
  • Verification of Benefits

A CalWORKs counselor is available for in-person and virtual counseling appointments (scheduled and drop-in appointments) during normal business hours. We have evening hours available in our virtual office. For in-person appointments, you must be cleared to come on campus. Virtual counseling appointments may be done via phone or Zoom, a free video/audio conferencing application. To prepare, make sure Zoom is installed on your computer prior to your appointment.

You may request an appointment by contacting our office at (951) 571-6154 or emailing Please include your full name and student ID number on emails or voicemail messages.

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CalWORKs Workshops

The CalWORKs program hosts workshops throughout each term. Topics regularly include scholarship essay assistance, career exploration, support group, money management and more. While these workshops are typically open to all MVC students, students enrolled in the CalWORKs program receive extra benefits for attending, including gas cards.

Registration is required for each workshop. To register, find the desired workshop, click on "Save My Spot," and you will be registered (you may be asked to log into ConexEd prior). You will receive an email with the link to join the workshop. If you have questions or need assistance, call the CalWORKs office at (951) 571-6154.

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Gas Card Information & Disclaimer

Eligible CalWORKs students may receive transportation assistance in the form of a $25 gas card for attending an entire CalWORKs workshop. Eligibility requirements include: current proof of cash aid (dated for the first month of the current term or later), currently enrolled in at least 1 unit at MVC, and have a verified unmet financial need.

You may receive up to three (3) gas cards per semester for attending workshops. Workshop attendance records are kept on file with the CalWORKS office. Students will be screened for eligibility prior to the workshop. Gas cards and related forms will be distributed in the CalWORKs office. After attending a workshop, you will receive an email regarding the status of the gas card and instructions for picking up the gas card on campus.

  • For Parent Support Group events, you may earn only 1 Gas Card per month for attending, in addition to the maximum of 3 workshops per semester.
  • For Lunch with Terrie & Hannah/Book Club events, you must attend 3 out of 4 workshops each month to earn 1 Gas Card, in addition to the maximum of 3 workshops per semester.
  • Gas cards are only available to eligible CalWORKs students. Supplies are limited.
  • For questions, inquire with Nicole LeDuff via email.




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