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Class Schedule and Academic Calendar

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Spring 2021 Class Schedule

Short-term 8 week classes start on Monday, April 19. Registration is open!
Complete a college course in half the time of a regular semester.
View the list of open 8-week courses →

The Class Schedule lists a term's available classes and includes class descriptions, the time, instruction location or style and the starting and ending dates for each course. For the most up to date information on add, drop and refund dates log into MyPortal.

Important Information:
Spring term will be online except for specific classes. Each course has a designated instruction method: ONLN, REG MEET, OCC MEET, F2F, or HYB, and some have Zero Textbook Cost. Learn more »



Academic Calendar

The Academic Calendar has information on start and end dates, holidays, and final exams for the entire District.

Academic Calendar 2020-21
2020-21 Academic Calendar
Academic Calendar 2021-22
2021-22 Academic Calendar


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