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Wifi: get connected with wireless internet

Connect to WiFi at MVC

Students and employees receive free internet connectivity for up to 5 personal devices while on campus through the RCCD WiFi network. Simply log in with your full email address as username and password. Guests may use the rccd_guest network on a limited basis.

Connect Guests and Vendors

Wireless Network: RCCD

MVC's preferred wireless network is RCCD. The RCCD network allows users secure and encrypted internet access.

All users must follow RCCD's Board Policy AP 3720 for Computer and Network Use.



Free Campus Wifi

How to Connect (Students and Employees)

You must have activated and have access to your RCCD email account to connect to the RCCD WiFi wireless network. This network is for personal device access only.

College- and District-owned devices already have internet connection set up; if you have a college-owned device, you do not have to connect to this network, your device will automatically connect to the proper WiFi network.

Follow the procedure below after you've successfully logged into your email to get started:

  1. Find the wireless connection icon on your personal device. It might look like one of these:

    Wireless Icon Sample   Wireless Icon Sample

  2. Choose the RCCD network and click connect.
    • If asked to select Security Type, select WPA and WPA2 Enterprise
    • If asked to select the EAP Method, select PEAP
    • If asked to select Inner Authentication Type, select MSCHAPv2
    • If asked to select a CA Certificate, select Do not Validate
    • If you have a college-owned device, do not connect to this network!
  3. You will be directed to a webpage where you enter your college email username and password. Once done, you'll be connected!
    • Your RCCD email address and password serve as your login information. For example: or
  4. If you get a certificate warning, go ahead and accept/trust it.



Drive up Wifi

Drive Up Wi-Fi

Drive-up WiFi offers the reliable internet connectivity needed to complete online work from your automobile. Available during campus hours, your coverage and speeds may vary based on your proximity to buildings adjacent to the parking lots and environmental variables.

  • MVC students and employees ONLY may connect using your RCCD email and password
  • For educational purposes only
  • The Student Code of Conduct applies
  • The area is monitored by RCCD Police Department
  • Hours of operation: Monday - Friday from 8 am - 4 pm

 Drive-Up Wi-Fi Point Map pdf



Wireless Internet for Vendors and Guests

About Guest Wifi for Vendors and Guests

The rccd_guest wireless network allows guests to use their personal or company device(s) to access the internet. Available on all three colleges, the rccd_guest network will standard users 90 minutes of access and elevated users permanent access.

  • Standard guest access allows internet access in 90 minute intervals. Restrictions including high-bandwidth streaming services, questionable content, and resources that may negatively impact RCCD instructional and/or operational use, are applied.
  • Elevated guest access requires a sponsored guest account created by HelpDesk. Elevated access includes less access and speed restrictions. If you require Elevated guest access, please contact the department that you are working with and ask them to submit a work order through the ServiceDesk.

Get connected to the Guest Network: RCCD_Guest

The guest network allows guests internet access on personal devices. Guest access may not be available at satellite campuses or other District sites.

  1. Find and select the rccd_guest wireless network.
  2. A webpage should appear or your device will prompt you for further actions.
    • For Standard guest access: Use the displayed credentials.
    • For Elevated guest access: Use the sponsored credentials provided by your point-of-contact (see information above on how to request it).
  3. After entering the credentials, click Sign On.

Access and Restrictions

  • Guest internet access comes in two levels: standard, which all guests may access, and elevated, which requires a college or District sponsor.
  • A single guest account can take up to 24 hours to process. Department sponsors may request elevated access for a guest (speaker, vendor, etcetera) through ServiceDesk or by emailing
  • Have the following information ready when requesting an elevated guest account: day and time of the event, number of users, name of the event and access needs. Multi-user and multi-day events can be allowed if given ample advanced notice is given to the Helpdesk. Extended connection days and times must be defined by the guests' department sponsor.