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Ben Clark Training Center at MVC

Ben Clark Training Center (BCTC)

Online counseling available to BCTC students

Welcome to Moreno Valley College's unique and vital training opportunities at the Ben Clark Public Safety Training Center (BCTC), one of the largest public safety training centers Southern California. BCTC offers subject area and general education courses that lead to certificates and degrees in public safety and emergency medical services.

BCTC is a regional training site that provides basic and advanced training to public safety personnel. Each year, the college prepares hundreds of students to work as law enforcement officers, firefighters, paramedics, emergency medical technicians, correctional officers, dispatchers, probation officers, and juvenile correctional counselors.

Ben Clark Training Center is comprised of a partnership with MVC, Riverside County Sheriff's Department, California Department of Forestry & Fire Protection, Riverside County Fire Department, California Highway Patrol, and Riverside County Probation Department.


  Public Safety
Education & Training

BCTC Online
  Career & Technical
Education (CTE)


Academic Programs

In conjunction with our partnered agencies, MVC offers degrees and certificates in:

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Our goal at BCTC is to provide you with optimal student services and deliver quality student assistance during your time here. As such, completing a program of study at the Ben Clark Training Center requires you to apply to Moreno Valley College as a student.

If you are a Norco or Riverside City College student and are interested in completing one or more degrees or certificates at BCTC, you will need to change your home college to Moreno Valley College. Once you complete your program or programs at BCTC, you may change your home college status back to your previous college.