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Student Handbook

The Student Handbook offers important information to all students. It contains important dates, information about departments and programs, college terms, Admissions & Records, Financial Aid, how to succeed in college, and much, much more!


Student Handbook
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Letter from the President

Dear Student,

PresidentWelcome to Moreno Valley College for the 2021-2022 academic year. Whether you are new to the College or a continuing student, I want you to know that our faculty, staff, and administrators are here for one clearly defined purpose: To do all we can to make your time here productive and successful. In doing that, we will need one urgently needed partner, you.

As happy as we are that you are here, we know that your interest is best served when you are able to get good advice, the right classes, needed help, and complete your educational objective in the least time necessary for entering a productive career or advancing to your next educational objective. Our counseling and instructional faculty and staff are here to guide and prepare you for entering your chosen university or assisting you in planning for an appropriate career.

Your choices and opportunities are many. It behooves you and all of us to take advantage of them. As I say often, your success defines our success. We celebrate as you succeed.

Warm best wishes for a successful year ahead!

Robin L. Steinback, Ph.D.