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New Students

You are a new student if you have not attended college before. You will be required to complete orientation, assessment, and counseling (OAC) prior to registering for classes.

Application Deadlines
Summer 2020
June 22
Fall 2020
August 24
Winter 2021
January 4
Spring 2021
February 16


Steps To Enroll For New Students

  1. Complete Online Admission Application
    • Applications are processed within two business days
    • You will receive emails with registration information and instructions
    • The application now includes the Placement Survey
  2. Activate your Student Email
    • Also download the free GradGuru app to get deadline reminders, campus information and customized notices about events on your phone.
  3. Complete Orientation
    • The online orientation is available through your WebAdvisor or My Portal. Log in, click on student menu, then under the Academic Planning header click on "Take your online orientation."
    • You can also complete the orientation in person. For times, dates and additional information, visit the Assessment Center site or call them at (951) 571-6492.
  4. Complete Counseling
    • Complete your Abbreviated Student Educational Plan on WebAdvisor or My Portal. Log in, click on student menu, then under the Academic Planning header click on "Create First Semester Ed Plan."
    • If you attend an in-person orientation, your Abbreviated Student Educational Plan will be created at that session. Visit the Assessment Center for more information.
  5. Enroll in classes
    • Access your registration appointment through WebAdvisor or MyPortal.
    • Find the classes you wish to enroll for in the Class Schedule.
    • Register for classes on EduNav. You can register on or after your given date and time. For best choice of classes, register as soon as your registration appointment allows.
    • Add and Drop deadlines are strictly enforced. Please check WebAdvisor for specific dates.
    • If you need assistance registering for classes, visit our Registration Help Center in the Student Services Building, Room 108.


Need assistance with the application process?
Call the Outreach Office at (951) 571-6273.