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Become a student at MVC

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Welcome to Moreno Valley College! Your application/registration process will vary if you are a new, transferring, continuing or returning student.

  • New students have never before attended college.
  • Transferring students have attended college elsewhere but never at an RCCD college.
  • Continuing students were enrolled for more than 2 weeks in the previous primary term (fall/spring).
  • Returning students have previously enrolled at an RCCD college but missed one or more primary terms (fall/spring).




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Have questions? Need help?

Request information about Moreno Valley College and get your questions about becoming a college student answered. You can also ask for help from the Outreach Office at (951) 571-6273.

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More information about applying

Requirements to Apply

You may apply if you meet one of the following requirements:

  • Have graduated from high school
  • Have passed the CA High School Proficiency Exam
  • Did not graduate but have attained a Certificate of Completion
  • Have passed the GED examination
  • Did not graduate but are 18 years of age or older
  • Are a high school student who has satisfied the concurrent enrollment admissions requirements
  • Are an international student who has satisfied the international student admissions requirements.

What is a Home College?

By completing this application, you are establishing Moreno Valley College as your designated "home college." Moreno Valley College is one of three colleges in the Riverside Community College District, which also includes Riverside City College and Norco College. Your home college location is where you will receive most services. You may only submit one application for any college in the district, per term, by the application deadline.

Students may enroll in classes at any of the three colleges in the Riverside Community College District, regardless of home college location.

How to Register for Classes

  • Go to WebAdvisor. If this is your first time accessing WebAdvsior, click on Log In Video for detailed log in instructions.
  • Registration dates and times are available 1-2 months before the term begins, see Check my Registration Dates/Holds:
    • View the Registration Video on WebAdvisor
    • Search for classes on WebAdvisor, or you can download or search for classes on the Schedule of Classes
    • Pay special attention to important dates (ex: the last day to add, drop with a refund, without a "W", or with a "W"). On WebAdvisor click on Class Name/Deadlines
    • Remember, dropping your class is your responsibility. If you decide to stop attending, do not assume your instructor will drop it for you. It is your responsibility! If you do not attend and are not dropped from the class you will receive an "F" and/or owe fees for the class. Please check drop deadlines on your WebAdvisor.
  • If enrolled in an online class, go to the Distance Education website for log in information.
  • See the How to Register for Classes page for more information


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