Ensure Student Access to Course Materials

The College's Bookstore vendor, Barnes & Noble, provides faculty access to a platform called the Adoption Insight Portal, or AIP. Here's how using the AIP to select course materials is beneficial:

  • Pricing is fully visible. Pricing breakdowns, including cost of new, used, and rental materials, facilitate clearer communication to students. As such, faculty have the power to drive students toward cost savings.
  • No need to wait for manual confirmation. When you submit your book submission, it's instant. There's no need to wait on a message from the Bookstore team.
  • Quicker adoption lowers costs and ensures adequate supply. The earlier course materials are submitted, the better chance that MVC has in securing copies for students at the most affordable price.

How to Access the AIP

The B&N AIP system is available through RCCD's single sign-on portal. Sign-in is instant as long as you're logged in using your employee account.

  • There's no need to create a separate account for the AIP.
  • Your course list will be populated automatically based on your course assignments, per term and campus.
  • If you've taught the course before, you can choose to re-adopt your prior materials with one click, or select new ones.
  • Additional information and resources regarding affordability and system support are available from inside the AIP.

Launch the Single Sign-On Portal Visit the MVC Bookstore

Adoption Term Deadlines

  • Summer (June to July): Submit by May 1
  • Fall (August to December): Submit by May 1



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