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School of Communications, English and World Languages

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The School of Communication, English and World Languages fosters a learning environment that supports language acquisition, written and oral communication, and the development of literacy skills. Students learn within an equity-focused framework and culturally responsive pedagogies. Students can focus on and earn degrees in communication studies, interpretation, English and Spanish.


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What Degrees and Certificates Do We Offer?

A Associate Degree    C Certificate    O Online Degree    

Communication, Media & Languages
Communication Studies for Transfer
Community Interpretation
English As a Second Language
English for Transfer
Journalism for Transfer
Spanish for Transfer

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Academic Disciplines

American Sign Language
Community Interpretation
Communication Studies
Film Studies

Contact Us

Dean of Communications and Liberal Arts

Anna Marie Amezquita
Administrative Assistant: Katherine Koh
Phone: (951) 571-6163
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Faculty Department Chair

Jeff Rhyne
Professor, English
Phone: (951) 571-6254
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