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Web Design and Development

Design and Develop Websites

Studying web design and development at MVC will help students become competent HTML and CSS coders. You'll learn Dreamweaver, how to streamline the development cycle and effectively integrate all the typical technologies within a website, and how to be a valuable member of a professional web design or development team.

Programs of Study

As part of the Web Master certificate concentration, students can choose the web designer or web developer concentration (or both). These concentrations allow students to specialize in artistic or technical skills.

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The web designer concentration allows students to become more skilled at designing sites with web graphics and animation.

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17-18 Units

The web developer concentration allows students to become more skilled at developing web applications with programming in Javascript and PHP.

Program Code



17-18 Units

More Ways to Learn

Why pursue web design or development?

Studies in web design and development can lead to a variety of careers, including software, business, online services, design and marketing. Careers in these fields are typically competitive, fast-paced, flexible and well paid, whether you choose to work for a company or freelance. If you're interested in continuous innovation and learning, then studying web design and development may be ideal for you.

What You'll Learn

Designer Concentration:

  • How to apply design and visual communication principles to web site, page, and interface design.
  • How to create and edit images and animations for use on the web, including photographs, logos, navigation buttons, background images, and web design mockup images

Developer Concentration: 

  • How to apply programming principles to develop a fully functioning and customized web site experience for both the site user and site administrator.
  • How to use JavaScript to enhance a web site’s interactivity using the DOM, as well as PHP to enhance a web site’s capabilities by creating data driven web page content, custom form validation and processing, and database manipulation using secure methodologies.

Career Options

  • Graphic designer
  • Digital interface designer (UI/UX)
  • Full stack developer
  • SEO specialist
  • Multimedia programmer
  • Web content manager