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As construction projects continue at MVC, here is a list of useful resources to help everyone during this process, including convenient ways to stay updated.

  • Moreno Valley College map
  • CommuteSmart News: your helpful guide to the rideshare month ahead. Tips for promoting ridesharing, special events, training, everything you need to know to make your program a success.
  • SR-91 HOV Project: It will widen six miles of the SR-91 between Adams Street and the 60/91/215 Interchange by constructing one HOV lane in each direction, closing the existing HOV gap.
  • To get alerts on closures and roadwork in your area, visit the CalTrans site.

Other Ways You Can Get Updates

  • Social Media sites: find us on the popular social media sites to stay connected and get the most recent updates. In some instances, we will send hourly updates about events.