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Construction Projects

Last updated on 7/16/2013.

Student Academic Services Building – This project is jointly funded by the State of California and local Measure C Bond.  It consists of eight classrooms, a large gathering area and faculty and administrative offices.  As of July 1, 2013, the project was 85% complete.  Construction is on schedule and is expected to be complete by early fall.  Occupancy will take place later in the term. 

ADA Upgrade Project – This project is complete.

Comprehensive Master Plan – The College has engaged HMC Architects to update and integrate the educational and facilities master plans. Students, staff and faculty will provide input throughout the process. The project is funded exclusively by the Measure C Bond, and is expected to be complete in early 2014. 

Network Operations Center (NOC) – The NOC project was on hold pending the results of the RCCD IT Audit, which was completed last year.  The College is currently working with the project architect to expand the scope of the project so that it will meet the needs of the college as it grows.  Construction can begin once the changes have been made and approved by the Department of State Architects (DSA).  This project is funded exclusively by the Measure C Bond.

Library and Learning Center – The Final Project Proposal for the Library and Learning Center project was approved by the State Chancellor's office.  This project will be funded by the State.  Construction is expected to begin upon receipt of State bond funds.       

Center for Human Performance – The Final Project Proposal for the Center for Human Performance has been submitted to the State Chancellor's Office.  The project will support a comprehensive physical education program with sports courts, shower/locker rooms and lecture classrooms.  It will be funded jointly by the State of California and local Measure C Bond money.

Health Science Center – This project is currently being revisited, and will be considered for local funding or as a future project after the Comprehensive integrated Master Plan has been completed.

Natural Science Building – The College has identified the need for a new Natural Science Building that includes state of the art labs and lecture spaces.  The Initial Project Proposal was recently submitted to the State Chancellor's Office.

Campus Beautification Initiative – The College, with input from students, staff and faculty, has identified a variety of potential projects to improve the aesthetics of the campus.  This work is expected to begin soon. See information about the Town Hall meeting on March 2013.


NOTE: As with all construction, plans may be changed when conditions present themselves to improve opportunities or improve projects/budgets.  All measures will be taken to ease construction impact on affected parties.