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A list of helpful resources.


CalVet Home Loans
CalVet serves California's Veterans & their Families. Their mission is to ensure that California veterans live the highest quality of life with dignity and honor. They provide home loans and home buying advocacy for California Veterans.


Department of Veterans Affairs (VA)
The VA has several resources available to homeless veterans. The best way to contact them is by phone, at 1-800-827-1000. They can provide you with the address and phone number of the VA homeless program coordinator nearest you.


National Coalition for Homeless Veterans
The National Coalition of Homeless Veterans serves to empower homeless veterans so they can support themselves. The NCHV has an excellent page with advice specifically for homeless veterans.


National Coalition for the Homeless
This organization's mission is to end homelessness. This page points to local organizations for anyone who is homeless or who may become homeless, whether or not they are veterans.


U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development Veteran Resource Center (HUDVET)
HUDVET's goal is to provide veterans and their family members with information on HUD's community-based programs and services. HUDVET is designed especially for homeless veterans to serve as a resource to find housing. You can call their hotline at (800) 998-9999.