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Frequently Asked Questions

For Veterans Using VA Educational Benefits at Moreno Valley College


Once I submit my Veteran's Statement of Responsibility how long will it take until I am certified?
If all other steps for certification are complete, once a student submits his/her Veterans Statement of Responsibility form the processing time is 1-2 weeks. However, during peak registration processing time can take up to 3 weeks.


How often do I turn in the Veteran's Statement of Responsibility form, and why?
You must submit a Veterans Statement of Responsibility form every semester/term that you plan to collect benefits. Turning in a Veteran's Statement of Responsibility form allows the college to certify you for your classes and place a deferment on your account which keeps you from being dropped for non-payment. 

Please Note: If your home college is Moreno Valley College and you are attending classes at RCC and/or Norco College, you must also submit a Veterans Statement of Responsibility form to the VA Office at that college in order to complete your certification.


What do I do if I drop or add classes after I turn in the Veterans Statement of Responsibility?
You will need to notify Veterans Services at MVC via email at immediately. Failure to do so may delay or affect your monthly payments from the VA.

Note: If you drop and add in courses with the same title but the dates the courses meet differ, you still need to notify the Veterans' Office.


How will I know when I am certified for classes?
An email will be sent to your RCCD email once your certification has been completed by Veterans Services at MVC. You may also check on your certification status with the VA by going to the WAVE website at (except Chapter 33 &35).


Why do I need to turn in all my transcripts from other schools and the military?
All prior credit must be evaluated before a veteran can collect educational benefits at the college. Veterans cannot be paid more than once for a class nor are they able to receive payment for a class that is not required on their VA Student Educational Plan (SEP). It is also recommended that all transcripts be on file to prepare a most accurate VA SEP.


Do I need to have my High School transcripts turned in?
The only reasons HS transcripts must be submitted are if you plan to transfer to a UC or plan to be in the Nursing Program or a Program that requires High School transcripts be evaluated.


How do I make an appointment to speak to a Counselor?
If you would like to speak to a Counselor about choosing a Program of Study you can make an appointment with a general counselor in the Counseling department on the third floor of the Student Services building. If you would like to schedule an appointment for a VA SEP, please see Veterans Services so they may give you a Veterans Counseling Referral form to take to the Counseling department to schedule an appointment with the VA Counselor.


What is a VA SEP and why do I have to have one made before I am certified?
A VA SEP is a Student Educational Plan that is prepared by a Veterans' Counselor. This form lists the classes that are needed, in progress, or have already been completed for a VA approved program. The VA will only pay Veterans for classes listed on the VA SEP. 


How do I get a VA Student Education Plan (VA SEP)?
Veterans must first submit their Certificate/Letter of Eligibility to the Veterans Services office. After your program of study has been verified, you will receive a Veterans Counseling Referral form and you may take this to the Counseling Department to schedule an appointment with a VA Counselor.


What do I do if I want to change my Program of Study/Major?
You will need to update your Program of Study/Major on WebAdvisor. You will also need to submit a 22-1995/5495 (Change of Program or Place of Training) form to Veterans' Services. Forms can be found on the MVC Veterans website or the VA website at


Can I apply for any other type of Financial Assistance in addition to GIBILL?
Yes, you can also apply for financial aid via For more information on financial aid, visit the Student Financial Services website.


How do I know if I qualify for priority registration?
Any member or former member of the Armed Forces of the United States is eligible for priority registration within four years of leaving active duty In order to be eligible Veterans must take a copy of their DD214 discharge papers to the Veterans' Services at Moreno Valley College. Eligible VA students will receive an email via their RCCD email regarding priority registration dates. It is important that all students activate their RCCD email address as this is the only way of communication from the college to the student.


Do I have to notify the Veterans' Office if I fail a course?
Yes. If you fail a course, you will receive a letter from the college Veterans' Services that must be completed and returned promptly. If you do not receive this form it is important that you contact Veterans' Services immediately.


I am a student and am interested in taking classes required on my VA SEP at a different college/university, what would I need to do to get those courses certified?
If you plan to maintain Moreno Valley College as your primary school, MVC Veterans Services can create a Parent School Letter for the school you are concurrently enrolled in. To have this form sent to the other school so you can be certified, you will need to provide MVC Veterans Services with the course descriptions, amount of units, and the fees paid for each course you are registered for. Once this information has been received we can provide the other college with the Parent School Letter so you can be certified for your class/classes.


Which fees are covered by the VA?
Only mandatory fees (as outlined by Moreno Valley College) are covered by the VA. A complete list of additional mandatory and optional fees can be found on the MVC website. Check your WebAdvisor for outstanding fees not covered by the VA.


If I am called to Active Duty and am unable to finish my courses, what should I do and what will happen to my record at the college?
Students called to active duty can drop their classes, get refunds for fees and books, and receive an MW on their transcript. The MW symbol is not counted as punitive in probation and dismissal. Documentation is required - You will need to submit your active duty or reserve duty orders with an ECP to Admissions & Records to start this process.


If I change my address will I also need to notify the VA?
Yes, please also contact the VA online through the GI Bill website at , through WAVE, or by phone at (888) 442-4551.


How do I verify my enrollment?
Only Chapter 30, 1606 and 1607 students need to verify enrollment. You need to do this every month in order to get paid. The earliest you can verify is the last day of each month. You may either call
(877) 823-2378 or verify online at .

* If you are receiving benefits under Chapter 31, 33 or 35, you do not need to verify enrollment.


I tried to verify enrollment on WAVES and the VA does not have any record of me?
First, check with your school's Veterans Services Office to make sure you submitted a request for benefits for the current semester. If so, and the school has submitted your certification to the VA, it can take the VA 6-8 weeks to process the EC. If it has been longer that 8 weeks and the VA still has no record of you, contact the VA at (888) 442-4551.


Why am I not getting paid the full amount?
The VA will only pay for classes that count towards your chosen Program of Study via your VA SEP. If you are enrolled in a class that is not on your VA SEP, the VA will not pay for it.