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Students pose for a picture

The Umoja Community at Moreno Valley College and the Moreno Valley College African-American Male Educational Network Development (A2MEND) Student Chapter are committed to academic success, leadership development, community service, and mentoring. The Umoja Community/A2MEND Mentoring Program (RAMP) strives to establish support, networking and mentoring systems for ourselves and for the youth in our community.

As members of RAMP, we dedicate ourselves to: developing competent life skills, demanding social responsibility, building strong character and moral standards, promoting professionalism, and supporting each other academically. The Umoja Community/A2MEND Mentoring Program (RAMP) provides educational, cultural, social, and intellectual programs that promote positivity among its members, within the campus and the surrounding community.

Learn more about the African American Male Educational Network and Development (A2MEND)-Mentoring Program or submit an application