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Mentorship Program

The Umoja Community at Moreno Valley College Mentorship Program is dedicated to increase the number of educationally underserved students who enroll in our institution, to earn their degrees, transfer to a four-year college or university, and return to the community as leaders and mentors for future generations. A major reason student drop out of college is due to feelings of isolation or alienation. Mentoring is a practice that allows students to make a more personal connection with someone who can offer support, guidance, and encouragement while dealing with the challenges of managing school and life. Mentoring is perhaps one of the most important exchanges that can occur between the veterans of a profession and those students interested in a given profession.

We've all had a Mentor, whether it be teachers in school, a boss that helped lead the way, a more experienced friends and most of us can describe the vast impact that those Mentors had on our lives.

As an Umoja mentor your expertise provides our students with invaluable experiences and knowledge in some of the following areas:

  • Developing professional network in the given field
  • Career guidance
  • Employment opportunities
  • To have someone around to answer questions
  • Transitioning into a new role or industries


Mentor Qualities

  • Caring
  • Active listener
  • Flexible, open, and approachable
  • Dependable and enthusiastic
  • Nonjudgmental attitude
  • Committed
  • Resourceful and able to support mentees as they strive toward their educational or career goals


Mentor Responsibilities

  • Attend the Umoja Mentoring Program orientation breakfast
  • Meet with mentee for one (1) hours per month for one (1) academic calendar year. Contact with mentee includes but is not limited to face-to-face, phone calls, e-mail, and other forms of social media as needed.
  • Focus attention on the student's areas of interest
  • Communicate twice a month with the Umoja Student Success Coach
  • Attend program ceremonies, including orientation and the Umoja celebration at the end of the program year
  • Provide all needed data for program evaluation



Mentor Eligibility Requirements

  • Must be over 21 years of age
  • Must complete an application
  • Be prepared to meet with your assigned mentee


Mentor Important Dates

Check this section periodically for important updates and upcoming events.


Frequenty Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: How often should I meet with my Mentee?
A: We encourage participants to meet for at least one hour per month.


Q: How long does the relationship last?
A: We ask that you maintain the relationship for one academic year but hopefully a relationship will be built for a lifetime.


Q: What are acceptable ways to meet?
A: It's up to you and your partner to decide the best way to have your meetings. In person meetings are not always possible. Some participants are meeting by telephone, Skype, or other virtual methods.


Q: What is expected of me?
A: It's simple!! We ask for your commitment. That's it! If you are matched with a Mentor or Mentee, we ask that you maintain communication with your partner for the duration of the program. We also ask that you maintain periodic communication with the Umoja/MVC team and let them know how things are going. If the relationship is not working out, we need to know! We can always rematch the pair, or provide additional program support for pairs in need, but we can only help if you ask!


Q: What should I expect from my Mentee?
A: Mentees are expected to maintain a productive relationship with their mentor. They should make frequent contact to utilize the academic expertise and knowledge of the mentor. One should determine the best times to make contact with the mentor and be prepared to make the most of the scheduled meetings.