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Mentee Program

Thank you for your interest Umoja Community at Moreno Valley College Mentoring Program! This Mentoring Program is designed to help you navigate your semester and provide students with mentors to assist them in their career development with peer and professional guidance. That mentor then provides support to the mentee based on what the mentee's needs may be. We've all had a Mentor, whether it be teachers in school, a peer, a boss that helped lead the way, a more experienced friend and most of us can describe the vast impact that those Mentors had on our lives.


Why Join the Umoja Community Mentee Program?

As an Umoja Community mentee you will be provided with invaluable experiences, guidance, and knowledge in some of the following areas:

  • Developing professional network in the given field
  • Career guidance
  • Employment opportunities
  • To have someone around to answer questions
  • Be informed about campus activities (lectures, workshops, cultural, and recreational)
  • Regular correspondence with mentors on a regular basis in person, by phone, or through social media
  • Learn about campus resources


Umoja Community Expectations

Mentees and Mentors are expected to meet periodically throughout the fall semester in order to develop a strong connection so you can feel supported during this transition. As an Umoja Community Mentee at Moreno Valley College the expectation would be to:

  • Maintain a positive attitude
  • Seek advice from mentor and academic advisor
  • Communicate progress and concerns with your mentor
  • Attend all classes
  • Mentorship
  • Participate in activities with mentor and other mentees
  • Look, listen, and learn
  • Strive for success
  • Reach out to your mentor; let him/her know what's on your mind
  • Be aware of program incentives
  • Assume responsibility for your own academic and professional growth & development
  • Set goals and make decisions to achieve these goals
  • Be receptive of constructive feedback
  • Utilize campus resources


Important dates

Check this section periodically for important updates and upcoming events


Mentee Statement of Responsibility

Mentees are expected to maintain a productive relationship with their mentor. They should make frequent contact to utilize the academic expertise and knowledge of the mentor. One should determine the best times to make contact with the mentor and be prepared to make the most of the scheduled meetings. Mentees should be willing to attend and participate in various college events.