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Supplemental Instruction

Supplemental Instruction (SI) is a series of weekly review sessions for students taking historically difficult courses. SI is a peer-facilitated group discussion associated with collaborative learning. It is not tutoring. The SI Leader is a facilitator who has taken the subject and will disseminate course material to help students succeed.

Research shows that students that attend SI sessions increase the probability of earning a better grade. These sessions are free of charge and provide the students with alternative avenues for learning; such as collaborative thinking, social skills, and address individual learning styles. SI review sessions are informal, so bring your notes, your textbooks, and your questions.



  • Students
    1. Students who attend SI sessions discover appropriate application of study strategies, such as note taking, organization, etcetera.
    2. SI Resources provided by the Learning Center:
      • Laptops
      • SI session materials and resources
      • Course textbooks
      • SI planning resources
    3. Classroom facilitated sessions provided by SI Leader
    4. Better competence of classroom material

  • SI Leaders
    1. Are students who have successfully complete the course (in most cases) with assigned instructor
    2. Foster critical thinking and strengthen study skills to improve individual performance and achievement
    3. Become better facilitators and mentors
    4. Assist students in passing courses you have already taken
    5. Must be requested by faculty and approved by SI Program staff


SI Leader Resources

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