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Supplemental Instruction

Supplemental Instruction

Supplemental Instruction is an academic support model that provides a series of peer-facilitated weekly group study sessions, for students enrolled in targeted, historically difficult courses. SI sessions are interactive sessions that incorporate course content (what to learn) and study strategies (how to learn). SI attendance is free, voluntary, and open to all enrolled students.

A unique feature of SI is that it does not target at-risk student populations, but instead welcomes all students, who participate in weekly study-review sessions.

SI Sessions are led by SI leaders—trained students who have previously done well in the course attend all class lectures, take notes and act as "model students" at all times.


How does SI work?

At each SI session, the SI Leader (SIL) will guide students through the course material using collaborative learning techniques and study strategies. SI sessions are not re-teaching or re-lecturing but engaging, interactive, and student-driven. The SIL plans activities for each session to help students process the course material. SI review sessions are informal, so bring your notes, your textbooks, and your questions.


Benefits for Students

Students studying
  1. Earn better grades. (Research has shown that students who attend SI sessions regularly average half to a full letter grade higher than those who do not attend SI sessions).
  2. Gain a better understanding of course material.
  3. Study more effectively by discovering appropriate applications of study strategies, such as note-taking, organization, etcetera.
  4. Build connections with your classmates.
  5. Use of resources provided by the Learning Center:
    • Laptops
    • SI session materials and resources
    • Course textbooks
    • SI planning resources


Interested in Being an SI Leader?

SI Leaders are paid student employees. If you'd like to become an SI Leader, learn about the qualifications and how to apply.


Resources and FAQ

Faculty FAQ

Faculty Key Requirements: The faculty part of our collaboration is critical to the SI Program's success; however, we understand the busy schedules of our faculty partners. SI is not intended to create any additional work for faculty. You can enhance SI in your course/s as follows:

  • First Week Announcements: Allow the SI leader to make a formal introductory announcement (5-7 minutes) to the class during the first week of class and speak to their role.
  • Ongoing Promotion: Continue to allow the SI leader to make brief announcements throughout the semester to encourage student attendance. If space allows, allow the SI leader to write their SI session time, location, etc. on the classroom whiteboard. Also, allow the SI Leader to distribute advertisements occasionally to students.
  • Instructor Announcements: Integrate the SI Leader in your class by granting time for occasional in-class announcements and be supportive of the program by encouraging all students to take advantage of SI. Faculty should avoid the suggestion that only those who do poorly will benefit and instead promote SI to all students.
  • Ongoing Contact with SI Leader: We recommend that faculty meet with their SI leader for at least 10-15 minutes a week, to provide feedback, discuss course content, upcoming exams, the progress of the SI sessions, and any other additional questions or concerns that may come up. Ask SI leader to work with individuals or small groups on targeted activities, including going over an assignment, reviewing a key lesson or skill, and preparing for exams. Ask SI leader to help your students understand lessons and give feedback when students are struggling with a particular skill or assignment. Please note that SI leaders are not working as teaching assistants and are not allowed to prep lectures, teach, or assign grades.
  • Program Assessment: At the end of the term, faculty members are asked to fill out a quick survey to help us with program evaluation. We may also ask you to send us the final course grades for the entire course section(s). This information enables us to determine to what extent students who regularly attend the SI sessions are benefiting from the sessions. All SI Leaders are required to sign a confidentiality statement and understand and accept the responsibility to preserve the confidentiality of privileged information.

Faculty SI Leader Request

Request an SI Leader for your class using the online request form.

SI Leader Request Form


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