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Service Area Outcomes (SAO) and Student Learning Outcomes (SLO) for Health Services

Quality programs and services include ongoing assessment of outcomes, and assure that future initiatives can be evidence-based. Assessment is the process of gathering and documenting information and data that are appropriate, applicable, and relevant in evaluating a particular time-bound course of action. It is a comprehensive, systematic, and continuous activity. Assessment is successful when a unit, program, or department measures its performance, implements changes, and improves its performance as a result of the Assessment and Evaluation processes. Assessment contributes to data-driven decision-making processes.


Mission Statement

Health Services uses clinic and education based programs to provide quality and reasonably priced health care, assisting a diverse student population to achieve and maintain optimum physical and psychological health, enhancing retention and satisfaction with the college experience.

You can access and read the following SAO's for Health Services:


Student Learning Outcomes (SLO)

SLO 2014-15: Students will learn to use mental health counseling sessions available to them in Student Health and Psychological Services.