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Men's Health Resources

The staff at Student Health & Psychological Services recognizes that men are unique in their health needs. That is why we provide a variety of free and low-cost services in a friendly and confidential setting.

We offer counseling for students who want to quit smoking and for those with alcohol or substance abuse problems. For continuing care, we offer referrals for students to outside clinicians for affordable treatment.

We encourage our male students to schedule their well-gentleman exam, which includes a testicular exam, annually. We encourage all young adult males to be screened annually for HIV and to take advantage of the free condoms we provide.

Everyone should review their vaccination status with one of our nurses at least once as an adult.

We recommend and offer flu shots annually. Male students up to age 26 should be vaccinated against the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV), which protects against viruses known to cause certain types of cancer and genital warts. We offer the series of three immunizations for $125 each. You may qualify for free injections through the manufacturer's patients assistance free vaccine program.

Stop by the Student Health & Psychological Services office on your college campus to pick up brochures on topics such as prevention of Sexually Transmitted Diseases, adult immunizations and referrals for dental and optometry exams.

Check out these online resources for additional information about Men's Health issues: