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Peer Leaders

Peer Leaders

First-Year Experience Peer Leaders support all new students beginning from the first day on campus through the end of the first year at Moreno Valley College. Peer leaders help students acclimate to college life through social and academic mentoring year-round. Peer leaders are an integral component of First-Year Experience mission to holistically impact all new students progress throughout their first year.

Students in this role use their knowledge and perspective as experienced college students to help connect new students to staff, faculty, academic and support resources that are essential during the first year at Moreno Valley College. Peer leaders are contributors in shaping new student's transition, motivation, and gratification.

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Meet Your 2019-20 Peer Leaders

Montserrat Castellanos
Citrus Hill High School
ADT - Psychology
Transfer Goal: University of California, Riverside

Being a first-generation student, I was fearful of not making the correct decisions for my education. Attending Moreno Valley College has definitely helped me overcome those feelings, especially since I took part in the First Year Experience Program. Some advice I would give incoming students is to always stay curious and ask questions, be organized (no procrastinating) and most importantly, don't allow school life to swallow you whole. Once you become a student, you take on lots of responsibilities and also have to juggle other tasks as well, just don't forget to take care of your mental and physical health.

Esteban Eligio
Citrus Hill High School
Transfer Goal: University of California, Riverside

Hello! My name is Estevan and my major is Sociology. I plan to transfer to the University of California, Riverside in August 2020. With my major, I hope to one day be a counselor or continue to work with students in any way I can. For some, college is a scary idea at first and for others, it is something easy but don't forget that the only thing that matters at the end of the day is your hard work and effort. Don't fall behind or get distracted because this is your next step into your future. I believe that each and every one of you will succeed! Good luck and have fun! Ask me questions or ask for help every step of the way!

Nathan Christopher D. Estrada
Vista Del Lago High School
ADT - Studio Arts
Transfer Goal: California State University, Fullerton or Long Beach

Hello students, my name is Nathan and I am majoring in Studio Arts with a career goal of Animation and 3d Design. I wish to accomplish many things in life, but my main goal in college is to obtain a master's in Business after achieving a bachelor's in Animation so in the future, I can create my own animation studio. If I could give any student a piece of advice it would be to get in the right mindset, create a clear goal and strive for it although you may fall before you get to your goal always stand right back up until you can finally achieve what you want. As for me, I've tumbled, face planted and even ran backwards throughout my first year of college it took me some time to really get used to it. What did help me get through my rough patches was the FYE program, the student health offices, and most importantly my friends. On that note, this is just a little bit about me feel free to say "Hi" or "Hello" if you ever see me around campus.

Carla Gonzalez
Citrus Hill High School
Transfer Goal: University of California, Riverside

Heyo! My name is Carla Gonzalez and my major is Liberal Studies. I plan to transfer to the University of California, Riverside in August 2020. With my major, I hope to one day teach children in Kindergarten and help them excel and reach their potential at a young age. I remember as a child, I loved the positive environment my teachers would create in the classroom. They would incorporate games with learning in the classroom and make school fun for me. That is what I want to do for my students: to have a fun learning experience at school. I always loved making new friends in my classroom as it was always fun to meet new people, even though I was shy. If you are shy then coming to college may be a new and frightening experience, but don't let it scare you, you'll be okay. Think of it as another opportunity for you to learn more and also as an opportunity to become a social butterfly and meet new people who can help you in your college journey, but also become close friends with whom you can share valuable memories with. College is yet another stepping stone towards your success. Moreno Valley College is a friendly community and I advise that in your time here you use your resources available. Ask questions when you are confused or come to us, your peer leaders, who are here to support you!

Keith Arrington Harris
Valley View High School
ADT - Communications
Transfer Goal: San Diego State University

Hello, my name is Keith Harris and I graduated from Valley View High School in 2017. I chose to attend MVC because of the First Year Experience Program which was a major part of guiding me through my first year of college since I did not yet know what career I wanted to pursue. I plan on transferring to San Diego State for a communications major pursuing a career as a public relations specialist who creates and maintains a favorable public image for their employer or client. They write material for media releases, plan and direct public relations programs, and raise funds for their organizations. My best advice to all new college students is to be consistent with the path you choose and believe that you can be successful even if a situation won't allow you to see how and don't be afraid to fail it is a learning experience in life. "If you're afraid to fail, then you're probably going to fail." -Kobe Bryant

Juan Hernandez
Communications with a Minor in Film

I was listening to a song the other day and the lyrics said: "everybody's scared of going nowhere, but we ain't going anywhere tonight." The reason I put that lyric is to tell you that everyone is scared of the transition from high school to college, but that's why I'm here. I am here to help you with your transition and help you throughout the school year with whatever you might need. I was in your shoes before and I had a million questions that needed to be answered, so don't be afraid to ask. I know quite a lot about MVC, since I am your 2019-2020 Student Body President. If I were you I would get involved and put yourself out there to make memorable experiences and make great connections. FYE has helped me with my first year of college, and I would like to help you.

Lacey Herron
Canyon Springs High School
Animation - Entertainment/Animation Concentration, B.F.A.
Transfer Goal: California State University, Fullerton

I have had personal ups and downs throughout my education as I have a learning challenge. Learning has never, I repeat NEVER come easily for me but I have never given up and I continue to persist and work hard for what I have and wish to pursue for my future. My advice to all of you, new students, is to never lose hope nor disqualify yourself. First Year Experience helped me realize that college was a realistic option for me, regardless of my doubts and fears concerning my learning difficulties and financial worries. FYE helped me not feel so alone in the fears I had about college, I felt like I could relate to others that once were in my shoes dealing with the same worries. As a peer leader, we are here to help you adjust comfortably into your first year of college. Anyone can be capable of growing at achieving new steps and goals towards the future you aspire to shape for yourself. Just remember to go at your own pace. We are all different. You all can succeed in college no matter the obstacles or challenges ahead. Just take it one little step at a time and remember to dream BIG!

Isidro Juarez
Rubidoux High School
Transfer Goal: Currently UC San Diego

Welcome new incoming students, I guess you've heard that college is a struggle and very hard but I'm here to inform you that I'm not the smartest but I've just finished my first year here and it's not as bad as I thought it would be. At first, I too struggled but with campus resources that this college has to offer, such as The Learning Center, Tutoring Services and SI sessions they have helped me make it through. Life can be difficult but you can overcome all the obstacles that cross your path. My advice to you is to never give up and only achieve greatness. If you ever need help I'm always on campus and willing to talk to anyone who approaches me.

Kyle E. Lopez
Environmental Charter High School, Vista del Lago High School
ADT - Psychology
Transfer Goals: Arizona State University, University of California Riverside

My major is Psychology, and my goal is to transfer to a University to get a Masters or Doctorate degree so I can be a therapist. In order to not feel too pressured, think of college and high school as similar places, I know it can seem overwhelming but just go to your classes, get your work done, and try your best. Transitioning from high school to college was not much of a big deal for me but I think that is because I had FYE to help me through it all, Ed is always on top of things, just make sure you put in the effort too. I suggest joining a club or two if you have the time in between away from work, it looks good on your transcripts and it gives you a great new experience. I was in Active Minds my first year and it was something I can say I am very proud to have been a part of, other than being able to work with FYE students. We here are a little more than friends, we are like a family, we have each other's backs. Let's work together and make your time here amazing!

Peer Leader

Nedaya Marin
Valley View High School
Forensic Science - Chemistry

My advice for new students: use all of the resources available to you. If you start to have a feeling that a class is going to challenge you, attend Supplemental Instruction (SI) sessions, if available, and sign up for tutoring. Also, don't forget that joining or even creating a study group with some classmates will benefit you. The other students may ask questions that you wouldn't usually think of asking and can give you a new perspective on the material. Also, study groups can be a great start for networking and allow you to create lasting friendships.

Mari Sanchez Olivares
Citrus Hill High School

Hi incoming First-Year Experience students, as many of you have figured out, college life is quite different from high school but no need to fear. As Peer Leaders, we are here to help make your college years less stressful. Just like you, I also took part in the FYE program a year ago and was a full-time student who was completely confused and unsure of what I wanted to major in. If I were to share a piece of advice I would say to remember you're not alone, Moreno Valley College has numerous resources such as tutoring, SI sessions, the Writing and Reading Center and more to better enhance your opportunity to thrive in your classes so utilize them to your advantage. Overall, I hope I get the privilege to positively influence your experience here at MVC and hope you do great!

Giovanni S. Olivo
Vista Del Lago High School
ADT - Studio Art
Transfer Goal: University of California, Santa Cruz

I am majoring in Art and Design: Games and Playable Media and I hope to accomplish a BA in art and business. My advice to students would be to find a work/life balance that allows them to do the best at school while also letting themselves have fun and self-care. Transitioning from high school to college I wish someone would have told me to be ready to grow as a person and rely more on myself. My transition to college was smooth because FYE helped keep me stay on track, but one major supporting resource would definitely be email, with its power for me to ask my professors questions and get involved with clubs and campus events which ultimately helped me do better overall. I'm glad FYE helped me through my struggles of college and changing my major because, even though we hate it when we stumble and fall, it'll happen from time to time and that's okay, we just use a health potion and keep going. I also want to note that if anyone and I mean anyone, is ever in a dark place, I want to be there to help, after all, "the darker the night, the brighter the stars," and everyone deserves to flip a bad time into a good one, peace!

Jacqueline Perez
March Mountain High School

Hi, my name is Jackie Perez. I'm a nursing major. A lot of people come to college and think they can't do it or make it through because it can be a huge transition in their lives. I was the exact same way beginning college because I began college a week after I had graduated high school. That transition changed me as a person and helped me grow in many ways. I developed better time management and better studying skills. I had joined FYE and they helped me a lot through my first year of college. Starting my second year I joined Umoja for all the opportunities they were offering, and I recently even got into the honors program. Having taken many classes already, I can say that it wasn't easy, but being motivated and having the right support team behind my back pushed me to do really good and improve in anything I need to improve in. Nothing is impossible and anyone can come to college and conquer it and do great.


Peer Leader Duties and Responsibilities

Peer Leaders are a positive influence for new students by serving as a role model at all times. Peer Leaders assist new students by providing year-round support via social and academic mentoring. Peer Leaders are expected to have knowledge of the Moreno Valley College's support programs and academic resources.

Examples of peer leaders responsibilities:

  • Assist with First Year Experience community building activities
  • Assist new students in the Welcome Center
  • Assist during special events or workshops
  • Participate in New Student Welcome Day
  • Provide new students support during registration
  • Provide orientations to new students
  • Provide Academic Success Tours - helping new students make important connections with staff and/or faculty
  • Assist new students get acclimated with college academic and social demands


Minimum Qualifications

  • Participated as a Summer Bridge student
  • GPA of at least 2.5 is preferred
  • Completed at least 14 units at Moreno Valley College


Application Deadline Information

Interested in becoming a peer leader? You'll need to fill out the application.pdf

All application packets must be submitted to the First Year Experience Program located in the Welcome Center in the Administration Annex. This is a federal work study position. Applicants must be eligible and meet federal work study employment policies and guidelines.

Applications must be submitted in person to the Welcome Center no later than 12 pm on February 28.

Questions, please contact:

FYE Office
Phone: (951) 571-6334