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Plan and register for classes with EduNav

EduNav Planning and Registration System

EduNav is a education planning and registration system that allows you to plan and register for all your courses in a guided, intuitive system personalized to your needs and preferences. Use EduNav to:

  • Visualize your pathway to graduation, term by term - and understand how any changes to your plan affect your completion timeline
  • Block times you'd prefer not to take classes and have the system automatically find classes that meet your needs
  • Plan, schedule and register for all your courses in one intuitive interface
  • View your entire academic history including any courses transferred from other institutions

Please visit WebAdvisor or My Portal to access your specific registration appointment date.


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Registering with EduNav


Assistance for Students

New to EduNav? Student Services Live provides support for students who need help registering for classes, have admissions or financial aid questions, need to clear holds, and more. Plus, your school's engagement center offers drop-in counseling and academic advising in-person and online.

Student Services Live Get Help from Your School


Video Tutorials

Watch the EduNav SmartPlan Overview Recording


Student Resources


Opting Out of EduNav

Opting Out Frequently Asked Questions

  • What does opting out of EduNav mean?
    • Opting out means students will not be redirected to EduNav automatically from WebAdvisor or My Portal for registration purposes.
  • If I opt out of EduNav, is it permanent?
    • No, opting out only applies to the current registration period. There is no permanent option.
  • If I opt out does that mean I can't use EduNav at all?
    • No, students can still access EduNav. They will still have access to both the schedule and planning mode. The planning mode allows students to view their official Student Educational Plan if a counselor created one.
  • What are reasons to opt out?
    • Reasons to opt out of EduNav include but are not limited to: time is of the essence and a registration issue cannot be resolved immediately or to accommodate students with certain disabilities.
    • Students who may be experiencing some confusion using this new system are encouraged to visit or call the Registration Help Center. Experiencing some confusion is not a reason to opt out. As we move forward with EduNav, all students will eventually be registering through EduNav.
  • How do I opt out?
    • Before students opt out we highly recommend that they visit or call the Registration Help Center for additional assistance. Students might be able to resolve registration issues without having to opt out. Students who need assistance outside of normal MVC business hours can contact EduNav via the Chat feature.