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High Tech Center

The High Tech Center is temporarily closed during the campus suspension of in-person courses.

The High Tech Center (HTC) is a computer training center designed to train individuals with disabilities to use adaptive technologies. These technologies enable the students to gain access to standard college coursework. With diligent application of the skills gained in the High Tech Center, students are better prepared for success in their college course endeavors and future employment. Please follow the links listed below to find information on the different hardware and software that is made available to students in the High Tech Center and what the requirements are for obtaining access to the lab.

All students with a disability that are accepted into the DSPS program are eligible to use the High Tech Center. Prior to using the equipment in the High Tech Center an Intake Evaluation must be completed. This evaluation will result in an Individual Adaptive Technologies Plan (IATP). This plan will specify the best approach for each student so that the time spent in the High Tech Center will be as productive as possible. The Intake evaluation will assess the student's current computer knowledge and disability issues that need to be addressed. The following three steps are required to gain access to use of the High Tech Center.

  1. Acceptance of Application for Services by DSS office.
  2. Intake Evaluation by High Tech Center. (This evaluation is by appointment only, Please plan ahead. No last minute evaluations will be done). To set appointments, please contact us.
  3. All students must be registered in a Practicum in Computers, Writing Center Practicum or an English course with an 18 hour lab requirement. Students hours are logged by signing in on the appropriate terminal located in the High Tech Center.

High Tech Center Practice

  1. A. The persons in charge of the lab at Moreno Valley College are the DSS Specialist and the Support Services Specialist Aide. One of them will answer your HTTC-related questions when you are in the lab.
  2. B. The Disability Specialist is available for training appointments on by appointment only at Moreno Valley College. If you wish to have a training appointment, please contact the MVC DSS office in LIB 221 or by calling (951) 571-6138.
  3. At the present time, the HTTC is only available by appointment for adaptive technology training or requested test taking.
  4. If you will be using a computer for an examination, you must schedule your exams accordingly with the DSS office. Please make sure to let the staff know you will need ANY adaptive technology.
  5. If you will be absent for a test or adaptive technology training, please call the DSS office immediately to cancel or reschedule.
  6. No software may be brought into or removed from the HTTC at any time unless staff has approved it.
  7. You are not allowed to make copies of any software.
  8. You are not allowed to eat, drink or smoke in the HTTC at any time.
  9. You are to remain in the lab only when you are taking an exam or training.
  10. The lab will remain open only when supervision is present. General hours are:
    • Monday - Thursday from 8:30 am - 5 pm
    • The lab will close if the staff must leave for breaks, lunches, or meetings.
  11. During summer & winter sessions, the HTTC is closed on Fridays.
  12. You need to treat the software and equipment gently. It is very expensive. We want to keep it in working order for many years.
  13. If you require assistance with your course work, you must arrange for a tutor with Tutorial Services. The DSS staff is available to assist you with assistive software/hardware issues only.
  14. Internet access is only available for information and research. Those students who cannot access the information via the Library or other means, without assistance, will have priority e.g. Blind/Visually Impaired, severe mobility issues.
  15. The HTTC is a lab, not a study hall or socializing area. If you wish to have a place to study, please take advantage of our library's quiet study area. It is located on the 3rd floor of the Library building.

Available Software and Hardware

Software Available:

Hardware Available:

  • High speed computers with 19" flat-panel monitors for students with low vision.
  • Headphones available for private listening
  • Andrea Antinoise USB NC-7100 microphones for use with Dragon NaturallySpeaking
  • Logitech Ergonomic keyboards w/ touchpads and other alternative keyboards
  • Kensington Expert Mouse Trackballs and other ergonomic mice