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Student Testimonials

Vanessa Littlefield

CalWORKS student Vanessa Littlefield

As a single mother of a three year old boy, I struggle with doing homework at my home. To me, it is extremely important that when I am at home my son has my undivided attention. With him only having one parent, it is my job to make sure he always knows I not only have his back by furthering my education so I can have a reliable job to where he can have anything and everything his heart desires (within reason), but it is also important that when I am with him, I can play the role of both mommy and daddy--which is a full time job in itself.

The CalWORKS office allows me to complete all of my assignments between classes so that I don't have to spend any additional time away from my son than I already have to. They provide me with internet access and a quiet work environment so that all of my studies can be completed. I also have the ability to print off any articles or assignments from their computers through my email address up to 3 pages. This is extremely helpful to me. I have so many articles I have to print on a daily basis. I have gone through two packs of ink at home already and it has only been 5 weeks into the Fall semester. I can only imagine how much ink I would have gone through if I was not given the luxury of printing my 3 free pages a day here at the CalWORKS office. The staff here is so attentive and go out of their way to help me anytime I have a question. If for some reason they do not have the answer to my question, they help me look for my answer and for that, I am so appreciative.


Stacy Williams

CalWORKS student Stacy Williams

I attended the Workshop Career Spotlight on Business and found that the information that was given really helped me understand the route that I should take. My major is Physician Assistant with the goal of opening my own business. At the workshop, I was advised of a tactical plan to achieve my goals. The CalWORKs/Workforce Prep program hosted this insightful event. I challenge the students of MVC to take advantage of the resources that are provided for us. It might just be a life changing event.