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Myths & Facts about CalWorks

  1. The Workforce Preparation (WFP) department (CalWORKs) can service any student who receive any form public assistance.
  1. Students who receive cash aid or have been terminated from the county CalWORKs program within 24-months or less are eligible.
  1. The WFP Counselor ONLY assists students with CalWORKs issues.
  1. WFP counselor advises students with EVERYTHING a general counselor does in addition to the CalWORKs program.
  1. Eligible students must be single mothers to qualify for the WFP CalWORKs program.
  1. WFP/CalWORKs program serves ALL male & female students who receive cash aid for themselves regardless of marital status.
  1. WFP/CalWORKs students must be enrolled in 12 units to qualify for the program.
  1. CalWORKs students are only required to take 1 unit to quality in the program.
  1. The CalWORKs educational plan is the same as an official college SEP and can be turned in to other offices that request a SEP
  1. The CalWORKs ed plan is only for the use of Riverside County GAIN. WFP students receive official college SEP's from the CalWORKs counselor to use for all other college business.
  1. Students must be enrolled in college to before they are referred in the CalWORKs program.
  1. WFP/CalWORKs will assist eligible prospective students to complete the MVC & Financial Aid application processes in our office.
  1. CalWORKs is a workstudy program and helps all students get jobs on campus.
  1. WFP/CalWORKs workstudy assistance is only for students in the CalWORKs program who have a GAIN contract on file in our office.
  1. The CalWORKs program only accepts students during certain times in the semester.
  1. CalWORKs is open for students to enroll every day the office is open. Refer to our website for information on the application process and down fillable PDF intake application.