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New Students Information

First Time College Students


A first-time college student has never attended college before.

Counseling appointments are available to first-time college students after completing the following steps:

  • Application - Submit an application to Moreno Valley College
  • Orientation - Complete the online Orientation and First Semester Ed Plan by logging into your WebAdvisor. Click on the "Students-Click Here" link and then click on Take Your Online Orientation link. The orientation is designed to introduce you to college life, how to read the schedule of classes, how to enroll in classes, how to enroll in classes and inform you of the programs and services available.
  • First Semester Educational Plan - Log into your WebAdvisor. You will be prompted to create your One Semester Educational Plan. This will serve as a suggested list of classes to enroll in your first semester, NOT your official class schedule.


Continuing and Returning Students

A continuing student is a student who has maintained continuous attendance while a returning student is a student who has missed a major term (spring or fall). If you are a returning student, you must submit a new application before you receive a class registration date for the following term.

To schedule a counseling appointment, continuing and returning students can:


Transfer Students

Transfer student: A student who has completed college coursework at a different institution.

Counseling appointments are available to students transferring from other institutions. In most cases students who are transferring from other institutions are exempt from completing the Assessment, Orientation, and First semester educational plan. Students are encouraged to bring official transcripts from previous colleges attended prior to scheduling an appointment.

To schedule a counseling appointment, transfer students can:


List of ADT Degrees




In order to be considered official transcripts must be sealed, stamped & dated within the last 90 days.

Please note: Prerequisites will not be validated unless request is initiated by the student through the Request for Prerequisite Validation form. The request for an Official Evaluation must be submitted by a Counselor through a scheduled appointment.

Visit the Student Success & Support Program page to find more information regarding prerequisites, co-requisites, advisories, and validating courses.