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Annual CÉsar E. ChÁvez Scholarship


You're invited to the
Annual César E. Chávez Scholarship Award Ceremony

Annual Cesar E. Chavez Scholarship Event

The virtual César E. Chávez Scholarship Award Ceremony is on Tuesday, March 30 at 3 pm.

The César E. Chávez Scholarship Committee invites you to join us to honor the legacy of César E. Chávez and recognize scholarship competitors and recipients at the César E. Chávez Scholarship Award Ceremony. This year's theme is ¡Viva la Causa! "We are suffering. We have suffered. And we are not afraid to suffer in order to win our cause." - César E. Chávez.

This event is free and open to the public with registration. For scholarship competition page, visit the arts competition page.

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Cesar Chavez Portrait

About César E. Chávez

César Estrada Chávez March 31, 1927 – April 23, 1993

Cesar E. Chavez was an American farm worker, labor leader and civil rights activist, who, with Dolores Huerta, co-founded the National Farm Workers Association (later the United Farm Workers union, UFW).

Chavez was born on March 31, 1927, in Yuma, Arizona, in a Mexican-American family of six children. He was the son of Juana Estrada and Librado Chávez. He was named after his grandfather, Cesario. Chavez grew up in a small adobe home, the same home in which he was born. His family owned a grocery store and a ranch, but their land was lost during the Great Depression. The family's home was taken away after his father had agreed to clear eighty acres of land in exchange for the deed to the house, an agreement which was subsequently broken. Later, when Chavez's father attempted to purchase the house, he could not pay the interest on the loan and the house was sold back to its original owner. His family then moved to California to become migrant farm workers. Read more.