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Behavioral Intervention Resource Team (BIRT)

The Moreno Valley College Behavioral Intervention Resource Team (BIRT) provides support to facilitate, coordinate and provide for psychological evaluation and behavioral intervention when needed.

Please feel free to contact any one of the Moreno Valley College Behavioral Intervention Team members should you be concerned about a student's behavior.


Contact Information (including members):

  • Health Services office:
    • Phone number: (951) 571-6103
    • Location: PSC-6 (see map)


MVC Behavioral Intervention Resource Team (BIRT)

Christopher Bass
Dean, Student Services
BIRT Oversight
(951) 571-6384

Lawanda Hall, Ph.D.
Director, Disability
Support Services
(951) 571-6317

Sgt. Richard Henry
Police Sergeant
(951) 222-6467

Dan Casella
Supervisor, Psychological
(951) 571-6103

Shantine Alex
Administrative Assistant,
Student Services
(951) 571-6159

Frankie Moore
Student Activities
(951) 571-6149

Julie DeAnda
Police Officer
(951) 222-8171
Mariana Santoyo
Student Services