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Student Resources

Schools and Transfer

University of California Campus Links
Links to top-level servers at the nine UC campuses. Campuses may have many more servers listed on their home pages. Also provides links to the Office of the President and to a number of organizations affiliated with the University of California including: Ernest Orlando Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Los Alamos National Laboratory, San Diego Supercomputer Center, Hastings College of the Law

Welcome to PATHWAYS!
Welcome to PATHWAYS, the University of California's online undergraduate admission information and application network. Includes: Introducing the University, a starting point for high school students who are beginning to think about college and who are considering UC as an option. Financial aid information and how to finance a UC education. Answers for Transfers, a resource and planning guide for prospective transfer students. Plus information about high school and college courses that meet UC requirements and direct links to UC campus WWW sites for prospective students.

California State University System's Website
The California State University is a 23-campus, statewide system of comprehensive and polytechnic universities and the California Maritime Academy. The CSU awards bachelor and master's degrees in more than 200 subject areas and serves some 344,000 students. For general information about the California State University system visit this site.

Listing of California Community Colleges
This page contains links to web sites for all of the Community Colleges in California.

U.S. Universities & Community Colleges, Alphabetic
This page of University of Texas at Austin Web Central contains a more updated alphabetic list of regionally-accredited U.S. universities than the "Colleges and Universities (A)" site listed above.

What's New?
This site provides the most current updates to the "Web U.S. Universities, Alphabetic" page above including additions, deletions, and revisions.

If you are planning to transfer from RCC to a University of California or a California State University, ASSIST (Articulation System Stimulating Inter-institutional Student Transfer) which is California's official statewide repository of transfer information can help you determine if you will receive credit for courses you've already taken, and how those courses will apply to specific academic goals.


Careers and Majors

University of Richmond Pre Law Handbook
This handbook is designed to assist you in determining whether law school is the right choice for you; preparing for law school as an undergraduate; and applying to law school. It provides extensive and accurate information about law school and the legal profession, complete with links to a variety of web-based resources.

What Can I Do With A Major In....?
The University of North Carolina at Wilmington Career Services sponsors a site for getting information regarding possible career outcomes for different majors.

Take the mystery out of finding a major. Go to and answer some questions, check out a few resources and print out your personal profile. Take your first step in self exploration to discover your future goal.

CalTeach California Center for Teaching Careers
CalTeach is the Interactive Recruitment Network of the State of California operating out of California State University at Long Beach. It provides information about Teacher Credentialing, Preparation Programs, CBEST Exams, and more for those interested in pursuing a career as a teacher in California

BLS Occupational Outlook Handbook
This Federal Government publication compiled by The Bureau of labor statistics provides abstracts regarding current status and projected future trends and developments for specific U.S. occupations. Occupations are listed in alpha order and the information includes: Nature of work; Working Conditions; Employment; Job Outlook; Earnings; Education and Training; Related Occupations. This has been a classic source of information for over 50 years

California Employment Development Department
This site includes information regarding the labor market in California; employment and training; Disability and Unemployment Insurance; Job Training Partnership Act; as well as links to other related sites and publications.


Financial Aid

The Financial Aid Information Page
This page provides a free, comprehensive, independent, and objective guide to student financial aid. It was created by Mark Kantrowitz, author of The Prentice Hall Guide to Scholarships and Fellowships for Math and Science Students. It is comprehensive and even lists "some of the best scholarship and fellowship databases for free on the World Wide Web.

The U.S. Department of Education's FAFSA on the Web
You may use this page to file a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).