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Guidance Courses

Moreno Valley College offers a variety of Guidance courses:


Guidance 45: Introduction to College

1 unit / Transferable to CSU / Transferrable to UC / Prerequisite: None

Overview: Designed to teach students about college and about RCC. Students will develop an Educational Plan that will allow them to accomplish their academic goals. Additionally, students will become familiar with all the support services on campus. If you are new to college and want to know your way around campus and the resources available to you...this class is for YOU.

Course Description: Guidance 45 is designed to introduce academic and occupational programs, college resources and personal factors that contribute to success as a college student. This course includes an extensive exploration of Riverside Community College District resources and policies, orientation to college life, student rights and responsibilities, as well as certificates, graduation and transfer requirements. Students will prepare a Student Educational Plan (S.E.P.). As a result of class activities and exploration of factors influencing educational decision, class members will be able to utilize the information obtained in class to contribute to their college success. 18 hours lecture.

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Guidance 46: Introduction to the Transfer Process

1 unit / Transferable to CSU / Transferrable to UC / Prerequisite: None

Overview: An Introduction to the Transfer Process, this class focuses of the university system and explains higher education in California. Students will become very familiar with the application process, personal statement, and major preparation required prior to transfer. IF you have questions about the university and how to decide on which school to transfer to...this class is for YOU!

Course Description: Guidance 46 provides an introduction to the transfer process. This course includes an in-depth exploration of transfer requirements, admission procedures, requirements for majors, and financial aid opportunities. The information learned will enable students to make informed choices on majors, four-year institutions and in academic planning. 18 hours lecture. 

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Guidance 47: Career Exploration and Life Planning

3 units / Transferable to CSU / UC Transferrable to UC / Prerequisite: None

Overview: Ever thought about what career or major you should go into? Career and Life Planning helps students clarify their values, identify skills, understand their temperament and personality and explore potential majors and careers that would best "fit" them.Come and find out all you can about how to develop a resume and build interview skills that will allow you to be successful in your job search. Undecided about what direction to go into for the future...Sign up for this class today!

Course Description: A class designed for students seeking direction about a career and/or major and persons in career transition. Topics include extensive exploration of one's values, interests, and abilities; life problem-solving and self-management skills; adult development theory and the changes that occur over the life span; self-assessment including identifying one's skills and matching personality with work. An intensive career investigation; decisions making, goal setting and job search strategies, as well as resume writing and interviewing skills will be addressed. 54 hours lecture.

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Guidance 48: College Success Strategies

2 units / Transferable to CSU / Transferrable to UC / Prerequisite: None

Guidance 48 Overview: Being a student in college is not easy. It takes a lot of hard work and commitment. College Success Strategies focuses on the areas that students need to master in order to be successful in school. Time management, study skills, money management, and health are just some of the major topics covered in this class. Most students need help in these areas...register today! It will make a huge difference!

Course Description: This comprehensive course integrates personal growth and values, academic study strategies and critical thinking techniques. Students will obtain skills and personal/interpersonal awareness necessary to succeed in college. 36 hours lecture.

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