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How to register for classes

After submitting an application for admissions most new-to-college students are required to participate in Orientation, Assessment, and Counseling (OAC) before they can register. For more information on exemptions, check the RCCD Student Handbook or talk with a walk-in counselor.


Beginning Fall 2012, RCCD revised the Order of Registration Appointments at
Moreno Valley, Norco, and Riverside City Colleges. Read the next paragraph.


Registration appointments for Continuing, Returning, New, and Transfer students will be based on the recommendations of the California Student Success Initiative. To find out if you are a continuing, or returning student read the following:

  • You are a Continuing Student if you were enrolled in a course after the first two weeks or 20% of the course in the previous term.
  • You are a Returning Student if you missed one or more primary terms (fall/spring) and must reapply.
  • You are a New Student if you have never attended college previously. You will be required to complete assessment, orientation and counseling (AOC) prior to registration.
  • You are a Transfer Student if you have attended college elsewhere but have never enrolled in RCCD classes.

Based on the new criteria, students who are NOT ON DISMISSAL shall be allowed to register in the following order:

  1. Continuing students who have completed* between 24-100 units**
  2. Continuing Middle/Early College High School students who have completed* between 24-100 units**
  3. Returning students with 24-100 completed* units** who have reapplied before set deadline
  4. Returning Middle/Early College High School students who have completed* between 24-100 units**
  5. New students who have completed AOC before the set deadline
  6. Continuing students with less than 24 completed* units
  7. Continuing Middle/Early College High School students with less than 24 completed* units
  8. Returning students with less than 24 completed* units who have applied before set deadline
  9. New students and transfer students who have applied after set deadline
  10. New Middle/Early College High School students
  11. Returning students who have applied after the set deadline
  12. Continuing students who have completed* more than 100 units
  13. All students on dismissal who have completed all dismissal requirements

* Units completed is defined as classes completed within RCCD with grades of A, B, C, D, P or CR

** Excludes basic skills classes


How to Register

After completing Assessment and the online Orientation, new students can register for classes on or after their appointed date and time. Continuing students can register without reapplying.

NOTE: students will be dropped from unpaid classes before the term begins. Check Tuition and Fees on the website for deadlines.


Class Schedules

Class schedules are available approximately two months prior to each term. A limited number are available at campus bookstores. You can view the class schedule online. During the registration period you will also be able to view classes that are still open on WebAdvisor.



Before the beginning of the term, if a class is closed, you may place your name on a waitlist (if available). If a seat becomes available, you will automatically be added and your student account will be charged with the enrollment fees. Please check your schedule regularly online with WebAdvisor and/or your RCCD email account to confirm your status. Be sure to pay fees by deadline to avoid being dropped for nonpayment.

Students registered from the Waitlist must attend the first day of class to avoid being dropped. Students not registered from the Waitlist are encouraged to attend class the first day to see if space is available and the instructor is willing to add them.

Waitlisting ends midnight of the evening prior to the first class meeting. You must drop yourself from the class by the drop and refund deadlines if you do not intend to remain in the class. You can manage your waitlist on WebAdvisor by doing the following:

  • Log in to WebAdvisor
  • Click on "Register and Drop Classes"
  • Then click on "Manage My Waitlist"

NOTE: Beginning fall 2012, the maximum number of units you may waitlist is 18 units for Fall/Spring and 9 units for Summer/Winter.


Register online

You can search for classes, register for classes, pay fees, view your schedule and much more on WebAdvisor. WebAdvisor is always available except occasional maintenance. Access help using WebAdvisor.


Walk-in Registration

Walk-in registration is available for students with special needs who cannot register through WebAdvisor. Some of these students include students on academic dismissal and high school concurrently enrolled students. These students may register on or after their assigned registration appointment date at the following locations:

Moreno Valley College at Student Services
Norco College at Student Services
Riverside City College at Admissions and Records