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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When can I apply?

Application dates and deadlines are available on the Moreno Valley College website at


How do I apply?

New and returning students must complete the admissions application online at Applications are processed within 24-48 hours (weekends and holidays excluded). Applicants should receive a welcome email within 48 hours with the students WebAdvisor log in information.


What if I do not receive a welcome email?

Go to and click on WebAdvisor. Click on Log In Help and follow the instructions so you can retrieve your RCCD username and password.


Can I apply for financial assistance?

The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) entitles students to apply for federal programs. Apply online at Effective Fall 2011, students must submit the BOG application for the college they applied to attend. Please use the correct College Code:

Moreno Valley College School Code is 041735

Additional financial assistance is available through student employment, loans, scholarships and state grants. Check the Student Financial Services website at for more information and upcoming Financial Aid workshops.


What is an Assessment Test and a New Student Orientation and who needs to complete them?

The Assessment test is an important tool to measure student levels of English, Math and Reading. All new college students must take the Assessment test and complete a New Student Online Orientation. Assessment Testing is by appointment only, check the website at for available times and dates at Moreno Valley College and/or the Ben Clark Training Center (16888 Bundy Ave Riverside, CA 92518) Approximately 24-48 hrs after completing the Assessment Test, log in to WebAdvisor to complete your Online Orientation and One Semester Plan.


When do I register for my classes?

All students are assigned a registration date and time. Registration dates are individually assigned and are usually available on WebAdvisor a month before the term begins. You can check your registration date by logging in to WebAdvisor. On your registration date and time, log in to your WebAdvisor to register for classes.

* Please note: As of Fall 2011, Class Schedules will only be available online at


Can I add classes after the term begins?

Students must get the instructor's permission to register after the class has begun. Adding a class requires an instructor's authorization code. With an authorization code students can then add classes through WebAdvisor on the first day of class within the add deadline. It is the student's responsibility to add classes during the specified add deadline. Payments are due at the time of registration.


What is a Waitlist?

If a class is closed before the semester begins, a student may place his/her name on a waitlist (if available). If a seat becomes available and the student has no holds on his/her account, the student is automatically added and billed. Students are notified via their RCCD email account.


How much does it cost to attend?

The current enrollment fee for California residents is set at $46 per unit. Fees are subject to change based on pending legislation. Out-of-state residents are required to pay a nonresident tuition fee of $180 a unit plus the $46 per unit enrollment fee. Out-of-country residents also pay an additional $24 per unit surcharge. International students are required to pay a $50 processing fee and buy health insurance. Some exemptions are available. For more information on additional fees, visit the MVC website at and click on Fees/Tuition.


Where do I purchase my parking permit?

Parking permits must be ordered through WebAdvisor once you have officially enrolled in classes. Once you've purchased your parking permit, you will receive your temporary permit via your RCCD email. Print and place the temporary permit on the dashboard of your vehicle to avoid being cited. The actual parking permit will be mailed to the address you provided when you placed your request online in about 7-10 business days from the date of purchase. Purchasing a parking permit does not guarantee a parking space.

Please note: There is a grace period for students. Students may park in white student spaces only without a parking permit during the first two weeks of the fall and spring terms (one week during the summer).


When/How do I get a MVC Photo ID/College Card?

Photo ID's are taken in the Admissions & Records Office on campus and/or at the Ben Clark Training Center (16888 Bundy Ave Riverside, CA 92518). In order to receive a Moreno Valley College Photo ID card, students must be CURRENTLY enrolled in classes (Waitlisted students are not officially enrolled in a class) AND have all fees paid (Financial aid does not cover your health, student and transportation fees).

Once you've enrolled in classes and have all fees paid, bring a copy of your receipt showing you have no outstanding balance, to the student ID station in the Admissions & Records office on the college campus or at the Ben Clark Training Center. You can obtain a receipt through Webadvisor under "My Account Summary by Term".

NOTE: Students must present some form of current photo identification in order to receive a college card.


Why do I need a College Card/Photo ID?

The College Card/Photo ID entitles the student to some of the following:

  • Student ID Information
  • See updated information about the Go Pass program
  • Club/Organization Membership Student Government
  • Student Scholarships from ASRCCD
  • Bookstore discounts on supplies
  • Discounts at Local Merchants
  • Free Barbecues and Food Giveaways at MVC
  • Free admission to athletic events
  • Discounts to local California attractions


Where can I find the most accurate office hours for Student Services Departments?

The most accurate and updated information can be found on the website at under Gateways, click on Departments/Services.