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Online classes

Online Classes at MVC

Moreno Valley College's classes for the fall 2021 term are a mixture of online and in-person. Accessing in-person classes and services requires all visitors to be fully vaccinated, and to provide proof through MVC's CLEARED4 web app. We're requiring vaccines to come onto campus to ensure our students, faculty, staff and administration remain safe within our learning community. Online services and classes remain fully available to all students that are unvaccinated.


Get help registering for and planning your classes

Student Services and Counseling Services offers drop-in online support through Zoom. Need to register for class? Get help from Student Services Live and they'll walk you through the process. Need to develop an educational plan or talk to a Counselor? Reach out to your engagement center for counseling appointments or same-day help from your success team.

Discover how your class will be taught

Meet your instructor and discover how your class will be taught, whether it's online, in-person, or has virtual or no meetings.

Meet fall 2021 instructors


Synchronous and Asynchronous Instruction

Synchronous and asynchronous learning use different methods of conveying information

The majority of the online courses are asynchronous, meaning that assignments and interaction with the class do not happen at scheduled times each week. There are assignments, modules, and due dates in these courses that will have submission deadlines. This includes any classes marked as ONLN.

A smaller group of MVC courses are online and synchronous, meaning that students will interact with their instructor via video conference (like Zoom) at specific times and days each week. These meetings likely occur at the the days/times listed in the class schedule. These include any online classes marked as OCC-MEET or REG-MEET.


Which online classes have scheduled virtual lectures?

While most classes will not have scheduled virtual lectures that require students to watch a class lecture at a specific day or time, be sure to check with your instructors to see whether this will be the case for each class you have.


Vaccine Mandate Information

For students For employees


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