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Online classes

Online Classes at MVC

COVID-19 Notices and Information | Distance Ed/Online Classes Information


Are my classes online?

During the COVID-19 pandemic, most of Moreno Valley College's classes are online in order to address the need for social distancing and to ensure our students, faculty, staff and administration remain safe within our learning community.

Only select classes - see below - have in-person meetings to fulfill required labratory and hands-on training requirements. All lectures meet online.


Synchronous and Asynchronous Instruction

Synchronous and asynchronous learning use different methods of conveying information

The majority of the online courses are asynchronous - meaning that assignments and interaction with the class do not happen at scheduled times each week. There are assignments, modules, and due dates in these courses that will have submission deadlines.

A smaller group of our courses will be online and synchronous - meaning that students will interact with their instructor via video conference (like Zoom) at specific times and days each week. Most likely at the the meeting days/times will be those listed in the schedule of classes.

Students should contact their instructors for more information about how the class will meet each week.


Which online classes have scheduled virtual lectures?

While most classes will not have scheduled virtual lectures that require students to watch a class lecture at a specific day or time, be sure to check with your instructors to see whether this will be the case for each class you have.


Which classes have in-person meetings and labs?

Select classes that require on-campus lab, clinical, or skills-based training will have on-campus meetings. In-person meetings will follow social distancing and safety guidelines. Courses that have in-person meetings and labs are in the following disciplines:

  • Administration of Justice (ADJ-Academies)
  • Biology (BIO 55 - Microbiology)
  • Dental Assistant (DEA)
  • Dental Hygiene (DEH)
  • Emergency Medical Services (EMS)
  • Fire Technology (FIT - Fire Academy)
  • Kinesiology (KIN 30 - First Aid & CPR)

All other course sections will be online with instruction in synchronous (scheduled virtual meetings) and asynchronous (no scheduled meetings) formats.


Classes with in-person meetings by discipline

Administration of Justice

Course Name Course Codes
ADJ-B1B Basic Peace Officer Academy 29953
ADJ-C1D Basic Correctional Deputy Academy 29982
ADJ-D1A Basic Public Safety Dispatch Course 28987
ADJ-D1B Public Safety Dispatcher Update 28991
ADJ-D1C Communications Training Officer 28993
ADJ-D3A Dispatch Update, Handling the Rising Tide of Suicide 28998
ADJ-D4A Dispatcher Role Critical Incidents 29974
ADJ-D5A Dispatch Public Safety Advanced 29903
ADJ-R1A Level III Modular Academy Training 26020
ADJ-R1B Level II Modular Academy Training 27000
ADJ-S1A Supervisory Course 29980
ADJ-T1A Traffic Collision Investigation: Basic 29862
ADJ-T1B Intermediate Traffic Collision Investigation 29864
ADJ-T1C Traffic Collision Investigation: Advanced 29918
ADJ-T1D ADJ-T1D Traffic Collision Reconstruction 29919
ADJ-T2A Radar Operations 29928
ADJ-W10A Firearms 29975


Course Name Course Codes
BIO-55 Microbiology 29121

Dental Assisting

Course Name Course Codes
DEA-10 Intro to Dental Assisting 29211
DEA-20 Infection Control 29212
DEA-21 Intro to Radiology 29213
DEA-22 Intro to Supervised Externships 29215
DEA-24 Dental Materials 29217

Dental Hygiene

Course Name Course Codes
DEH-10A Pre-Clinical Dental Hygiene 29218
DEH-12B Oral Radiology Laboratory 29221
DEH-30A Clinical Dental Hygiene #3 29228
DEH-32 Dental Materials 29230

Emergency Medical Services

Course Name Course Codes
EMS-50 Emergency Medical Technician 29811
EMS-51 EMS Basic Clinical/Field 29814
EMS-60 Patient Assessment/Airway 29817
EMS-61 Introduction to Medical Pathophysiology 29821
EMS-62 Emergency Pharmacology 29820
EMS-63 Cardiology 29819

Fire Technology

Course Name Course Codes
FIT-S21 Public Safety Honor Guard Academy 29832
FIT-S3 Basic Fire Academy 29802

Kinesiology - First Aid & CPR

Course Name Course Codes
KIN-30 First Aid and CPR 29544


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