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Angel Orta-Perez

August 3, 2021

TRIO Assistant Director Awarded Scholarship to Attend the 2021 Virtual Grace Hopper Celebration


Angel Orta-Perez, assistant director of Upward Bound Math and Science and Upward Bound programs, was awarded an Anita Borg Women of Color in Technology Scholarship to attend the 2021 Virtual Grace Hopper Celebration (vGHC21), September 27 through October 1.

The vCHC21 event is hosted by AnitaB.Org and the Association of Computing Machinery (ACM) and is considered the world's largest gathering of women technologists. Women from around the world learn, network and celebrate achievements.

Founded in 1994 by Anita Borg, Ph.D., and Telle Whitney, Ph.D., the event honors former Rear Admiral Grace Hopper, the first woman to receive a doctorate degree in mathematics. Her expertise allowed her to join the US Naval Reserve during World War II and work on the Mark I computer. is a nonprofit social enterprise inciting a movement to achieve intersectional equity in the global technical workforce by 2025. programs empower women and under-tapped communities in technical fields, guide the organizations that employ them, and support the academic institutions training the next generation.

As the assistant director for UBMS and UB, Orta-Perez looks for ways to connect students to networking, mentoring, leadership, and other unique learning opportunities in STEM.

She is especially passionate about identifying platforms that promote equity in STEM for underrepresented and women, said Micki Grayson, director of TRIO programs.

As a scholarship winner, Orta-Perez receives membership into She'll receive professional development opportunities, content, work connections, and access to learning and resources, all of which she hopes to leverage so she can continue to inspire and empower students in their pursuit of college and career opportunities in STEM.

"Programs and opportunities like the Grace Hopper Celebration support underrepresented communities to gain access into spaces that have generally been inaccessible," Orta-Perez said. "These programs allow us to see others who are striving and thriving in these spaces and show how we also belong there. Our differences are needed in these spaces, diversity fosters innovation. When a person like myself, a woman of color, can earn a seat at the table I can and will make space for others with limited access to take a seat right next to me."

"Please join TRIO in congratulating Orta-Perez for her great work and being selected for this opportunity," Grayson said. "This is a big deal and is directly aligned with MVC's efforts toward equity and access, professional development, and guided pathways."